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[1] JTF endorses Governor Ron DeSantis for President (video)

[2] Black and white Jew-haters unite; 6 expulsions of Hilltop Youth (JTF video)

[3] White heterosexuals being demolished (David Ben Moshe and Chaim Ben Pesach)

[4] Trump kisses the breasts of Giuliani dressed in drag (JTF video)

[5] DeSantis vs. Trump on racial issues (JTF video)

[6] JTF's main Twitter accounts

[7] Tucker Carlson: "I hate Trump passionately" (David Ben Moshe & Chaim Ben Pesach)

[8] Who should JTF support for President in 2024? (video)

[9] The REAL power behind the scenes - Klaus Schwab and Yuval Hariri (JTF video)


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