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[1] Dr. Uri Milstein interviews Chaim Ben Pesach on Itamar Ben Gvir (video)

[2] Hilltop Youth documentary: "Land of the Hills"

[3] Emergency situation that endangers Israel's very survival (video)

[4] "Palestinian" Authority: Hilltop Youth are main obstacle to "Palestinian" state

[5] Chaim Ben Pesach interview on Alex Newman Sentinel Report 10-25-2022

[6] Ukrainians idolize Nazi leaders who murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews

[7] Moshe Feiglin: "Hilltop Youth are the hope of Israel" (video)

[8] ZOA and the establishment Jews are traitors to the Jewish people (JTF video)

[9] Practical Jews vs. Jewish idealists - from Avraham Avinu to the Hilltop Youth


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