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Three on trial for killing 'muslim hater'
« on: November 14, 2007, 12:53:53 PM »
Imran Ali [email protected]

Tuesday, October 23rd 2007
Three men accused of murdering a Laventille man and seriously injuring another during an ambush attack in 2001 went on trial at the Hall of Justice last week.

As he opened the State's case, State prosecutor Alexander Prince claimed that one of the men used a shot gun, another used a sub-machine gun, and a third used a pistol to kill Junior "Ombie" Fredericks.

Fredericks's body was found riddled with no fewer than 34 wounds; and Erwin Deyal, who had been caught in the hail of gunfire, was kept in hospital for almost a year nursing gunshot wounds to his hand, stomach and leg, Prince stated.

During his address to the jury, Prince claimed one of the accused men came up to Deyal during the attack and told him that he was "moving with a man (who was) against Muslims".

Justice Herbert Volney is presiding over the trial in the Port of Spain First Criminal Court.

The accused, Andy "Sudan" Brown, Bryan "Soldier Barry" Barrington, and Sebastian "Bassie" Joseph, are being represented by Pamela Elder SC, and attorneys Wayne Sturge, Larry Williams and Richard Mason.

Senior State attorney Debby Ann Bassaw is also prosecuting in the case.

In Prince's outline of the case, he claimed that Deyal and Fredericks were walking along Fatima Trace in Laventille on the night of November 12, 2001, and were about to go on to Mentor Alley when Deyal stopped to tie his shoe laces.

Fredericks continued walking, and when he reached Mentor Alley, Brown and Joseph emerged from behind two light poles with guns in their hands. Brown had a shot gun and Joseph had a pistol.

Brown told Fredericks and Deyal not to move, but they did and "shots rang out", Prince contended.

Deyal was shot and fell, and Barrington then came out firing gunshots from a sub-machine gun. It was at that point that Joseph told Deyal that he was liming (Hanging out with) with someone who was against Muslims.

Deyal managed to crawl under a nearby bridge, and heard the accused speaking.

They were speaking to someone, telling him that they had to kill him.

Prince continued that the police subsequently arrived, found Deyal and took him to the hospital, where he stayed for 11 months in intensive care until he recovered.

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