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Learn Hebrew! It's easy!


Chaim always tells us: "Hebrew! Hebrew! Hebrew!"
So, I've started to post Hebrew language lessons for beginners on the European JTF Weblog!
It is actually very easy!

I hate to divert attention from your excellent blog, but we have a Hebrew Club on the forum. Is there at least four other members, besides myself, still interested in learning this beautiful language together?

The Hebrew Club is great!
What I am doing is complementary to the Hebrew Club.
I am uploading Hebrew lessons for beginners in audio format.
People can learn, than go on the Forum at the Hebrew Club and ask more knowledgeable members.

The Hebrew letter for the "sh" sound
is twin-sister with the Serbian
(in Cyrillic Alphabet) one: "Ш".

For the Hebrew plural form in "IM",
it is very similar to the Serbian one,
where "...ima", "...ama", appears when
giving a noun a plural, as in:

(mesec, pronounce "mesets",
meaning "month", like in Italian "meso")
which becomes:
(mesecima, "mesetsima",
meaning "months"/"mesi")
in its plural form.


when I say in Serbian "I give them",
it goes like this:
"Дајем ИМ"
"Dajem (pronounce "dayem") IM"...
This "IM" stands for MANY persons, a plural.


I add that we have here
a Semitico-Indo-European CONNECTION,
and it's FAR from being the only one:

Hebrew (Semitic) plural form "IM",
Serbian (Indo-European) plural form "IM, ...IMA, ...AMA",
and the English (Indo-European) plural form "thEM",
standing for the Serbian "IM".


Jews HAVE to learn Hebrew.
It would be a GREAT SIN
not to learn/know it.
As for us Indo-Europeans,
it's a GREAT bonus knowing it also.


Living in france,
Semitic Arabs are everywhere,
in the school, in the job, in the restaurant,
so that I happened to know some Arab (Semitic) words,
which are extremly similar to Hebrew ones:
salam, shems, maut, hayat,
leïl, liom, hob and so on.

"SHemS" meaning "sun", in Serbian "СунЦе" ("SunCe", pronounce "SoontSey"),
"maut" meaning "death", in Serbian "сМрТ" ("sMrT") ("MorT", "MuerTe" in latin languages),
"hayat" meaning "life", in Serbian "жИвОТ" ("zIvOT", pronounce "jivot") ("lIvET" in Swedish),
"hob" meaning "lOVe", in Serbian "љУБав" ("ljUBav", pronounce "lyoobav") ("lIEBe" in german)...


Very good Husar  O0


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