Author Topic: Buying your first handgun? Things you should know. Watch these videos  (Read 2161 times)

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This is a user I regularly listen to on youtube, has some good videos about firearm safety

Basic Pistol Parts and Functions

Gun Safety Rules, Decock Lever

More on the Decock Lever

Ammunition and Mechanical Malfunctions


Shooting Fundamentals

Troubleshooting Your Shooting

Fieldstripping/cleaning handgun videos

This is a sub section that shows how to field strip various popular handguns

Detailed Glock fieldstripping/cleaning

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Fieldstripping H&K USP

Fieldstripping Beretta 92fs

Fieldstripping SIG p226

Fieldstripping 1911

Fieldstripping CZ-52

Fieldstripping Makarov

Fieldstripping Walther P38

Fieldstripping Luger

Fieldstripping Smith and wesson M&P

Fieldstripping Springfield XD9

lube/clean your gun

I'll add more videos later, basically get yourself a pistol cleaning kit at walmart, clean your bore so that it's shiny like a mirror, lube all contact points (not a lot of lube) with some sort of gun oil, Hoppes #9 is what most people use. You can also use breakfree CLP, I prefer to use Eezox though it's a dry lube.

Please remind me of any popular handguns I am missing.
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Re: Buying your first handgun? Things you should know. Watch these videos
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Thanks Cohen
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