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This Shabbat was The Scholar In Residence Shabbaton at my synagogue and the rabbi that came is an Orthodox rabbi in charge of interfaith affairs at The Simon Weisenthal Center. He spoke at Oneg Shabbat Friday Night after everyone came back after dinner. He also spoke at Seuda Shlishit (Third Meal) between Mincha and Ma'ariv on Shabbat Afternoon and at the Melavah Malkah Saturday Night. The Saturday Night one was when he talked about Islam.

It was called "From Moshe to Musa: Appreciating Halakhah By Contrasting Jewish and Islamic Law".

Afterwards I asked him if he thinks that people who don't believe in killing all Non-Muslims aren't real Muslims and he said some people make Islam that but it wasn't always like that. He said at first it was the closest a Gentile religion ever came  to Judaism but then it was violent. When Mohammad said good things about Jews and then later bad things, he was talking about the ones in Mecca one time and the other time in Medina. He said Mohammad only hated the non-religious Jews. He said Islam makes up what ever it wants to as it goes along.

The speaker said Muslims pray 5 times a day because Jews do so on Yom Kippur so to out do The Jews, Mohammad said to do so everyday.

He also said that Muslims got the idea of "fences around The Torah" from Jews and took it to an extreme. He said to avoid women tempting men to do immodest things with them, the Saudi Arabian religious court said women can't drive so they are less likely to be in such a situation. He said if you go by that, anything can be banned to avoid something. Islam is insane!

He said that Saudi Islam is the number one threat today, NOT IRAN. He said with their oil money, they took control of mosques all over The World and spread Wahabi Islam.

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You should have asked him on which date he had been invited to give that same speech in Saudi Arabia & Iran!

I'd also be curious to know the amount of the check handed to him 'after the show' as compensation for his idiocy.

It would seem an oxymoron to be both an "Orthodox Rabbi" while at the same time "being in charge of interfaith affairs".

His official title... "interfaith affairs"... sounds like it connotes 'clandestine sexual trysts between married persons of opposing faiths'.