Author Topic: funny: Muslims think that Rotana and Al Jazeera are Zionist plots  (Read 682 times)

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The Arab world has a huge multimedia company called Rotana, owned by Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal. Rotana includes divisions for music, movies, and television.

Recently, Rotana changed the logo of one of its movie divisions from green and white to blue and white. This caused quite a stir, and the Firas Press report includes the most amazingly stupid conspiracy theories one can imagine:

The movie channel Rotana showed its true face after it adopted the logo colors of the Zionist entity, replacing the Saudi flag colors, which carries the banner of "No God but Allah," and the news channel Melody quoted says that the Saudi Royal Canal has sold large number of shares to an Israeli company,. Rotana has denied that, but that its magazine of the same name published an extensive report on its pages talking about investing in a Zionist channel.

Rotana, which reversed the colors of the logo of blue and white as a condition of partnership as a source refused to reveal the name then be denied an Israeli partner has entered the heart of their networks, but the colors and shortly after the second year celebrations channel indicates that the news whispered by some valid and that the flag of Greater Israel now enters every home...

The infiltration of the Israeli media and satellite channels are not new, especially since the partnership held by Al-Jazeera news agency Ramatan with Israel is no longer a secret, but there are some who say that the Zionist Agency owns half the shares of Al-Jazeera, which retains the Prime Minister of Qatar share a huge addition to the good relations with Israel.

Yes, Al Jazeera is a Zionist plot, and those Jews are now buying up all Arab media in order to send their propaganda deep into all Arab homes. This is all done in secret, and the only way to really know this is going on is because they insist that their newly-acquired companies change their logos to reflect their new Zionist masters. Besides that, everything is hush-hush, only to be revealed by a privileged few who notice such subtleties.

Even funnier is that one can look at Rotana's home page and see that they came up with different colors for each division on order to differentiate them, and blue just happens to be one of the colors for one of their movie channels.

What kind of weird psychology is behind a huge group of millions of people who are extraordinarily allergic to the color blue?