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Nice excerpt from Legionnaire
« on: July 02, 2008, 03:05:43 PM »
From Simon Murray's book about his combat experience fighting Islamists in Algeria:

Pg. 167

"Just before noon we came across some mechtas, and this time the men had not had time to flee. Under questioning by the officer... they refused to admit that they had any dealings with the fell and in fact they had very little to say at all. This all changed when they were put inside one of the huts and it was set ablaze. They started to scream blue murder when they were let out and they couldn't stop talking. One of them was finally elected as spokesman and he said he could lead us to a cache that was filled with arms. We followed him...for about fifteen miles, at the end of which time he said he couldn't find it. ... Suddenly the officer grabbed a submachine gun..., and as the Arab started to scream in protest, he kicked him in the side and sent him rolling down the hill. The machine gun came quickly up to the officer's shoulder and he squirted bullets into the writhing body of the Arab as he rolled down into the dried bed of the stream. ... Nobody mourned the Arab- it was too hot and we were too tired."