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I found some COOL mods for this forum software:

Did you know we can add flags to our profile that show what country we are from? Please please please add this MOD.

This mod allows your members to select from a list the countries to denote where they live.  This will include a country flag in their posts and profile.
You can select where to ask for their country.  Upon registration, profile page or both.  Also you can make it mandatory.

I thought these would be cool too:

SMF Chat
This is a chat for your SMF board.  It is very easy to install and use it.

Bookmark Mod
This modification gives you the ability to Bookmark topics,
witch would be verry usefull for quick lookups, it uses javascript alerts to tell the user what happens so they stay on the same page instead of needing to go back to the topic. Its also detects deleted topics, and auto prune them, giving the users that has a bookmark of the topic a alert that some topics were auto deleted because they dont exists anymore. Users will also have the option to choose it as a normal link (which opens in same window) or choose to open it in a new window, and offcource delete it

There are TONS of mods out there but these looked so cool. I think most people on the forum would appreciate these.


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