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"A person's wisdom illuminates his face" (Kohelet 8:1)
"Do not look into the face of a rasha" (Talmud).
Vancier often states how left wing anti-G-d anti-Torah anti-Kahane activists are ugly, and show an inner ugliness, whilst right wing Jews show inner hadar (beauty).
Females like Limor Livnat, who once looked reasonable, once they betrayed their principles and voted for the Gaza Deportation, well....the results are obvious
These female physiognomies show the truism of his statement.

Yael Dayan, she of the "Hebron Tea Party".

Tzippi Livni

Limor Livnat, betrayer of Gaza District Jewry.

Naomi Chazan

Leah Rabin

Yuli Tamir

Dorit Beinish, Supreme Chief Justice


A coven of heavily-botoxed Knesset Committee bull-dykes. The brunette on the left is Zahava Gal-On, who makes Shulamit Aloni, below, look like a rabid Kachnik!

Daughter of Ehud Olmert, extreme leftist activist Dana Olmert

Dalia Itzik

Terrorist's plaything Tali Fahima

Looks like a farm

Fruit of thy loins:

--- Quote from: Nonny on March 24, 2007, 02:17:47 PM ---"A person's wisdom illuminates his face" (Mishle)


--- End quote ---

That's true.  Most of them look nigh unto death.  Leftism is a mental illness comparable to having suicidal feelings.

There is a work Chochmat Hapartzuf and a whole section in the Zohar on how to interpret human physiognomies.

yeah I can almost always recognize liberals instantly by their face. they are ugly.


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