Author Topic: "Home Grown Terrorist" is Pakistani born Muslim - but the news doesn't get it!  (Read 739 times)

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 :-X Does the news get anything right anymore - or do they just make it up to make the US look bad? The terrorist who helped plan the Mumbai attack last year is not an American. He is a Pakistani born Muslim named Daood Gilani. He changed his name to David Headley while living in Chicago, just before he left for India in 2006 to work on the Mumbai massacre. He is also implicated in the "Mickey Mouse" attacks (to bomb Disney parks) that were thwarted here in the USA. How Gilani got American citizenship is anybody's guess - but even with changing his name, he is still a Muslim murderer using the shield of the US and a Muslim-sympathetic press to come across as a "home grown" terrorist. A little truth here!

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 "Truth in the newspaper is the letter R written in the color green. Occasionally you will see it, but one learns not to expect this."

I forgot who said it, but it seems appropriate.