Author Topic: Muslims a 'protected class' in U.K.  (Read 622 times)

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Muslims a 'protected class' in U.K.
« on: April 29, 2010, 06:08:14 PM »

An author and leading critic of Islam believes two recent incidents in Britain illustrate that Muslims are quickly becoming a protected class in that country.


The London Times online recently reported that a British court threw out charges of violent disorder filed against a Muslim man for throwing a shoe during a protest. The court accepted the argument of the man's lawyer that shoe-throwing was "simply a ritual form of protest." Metropolitan police now say that Muslims who launch a shoe at another person may not be committing a crime because the practice is Islamic symbolism.

That situation contrasts to one in which legal action was taken against a Christian couple in Liverpool. The two were arrested and prosecuted because they verbally criticized Islam in a debate about religion. Even though they were eventually found innocent, the couple faced financial upheaval and were forced to put their hotel up for auction.

Robert Spencer"Even though they won the case, there is obviously a chilling effect in Britain in criticizing Islam, on doing anything that might offend Muslims," notes Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch. "They are rapidly becoming a protected class in Britain. It means that Britain will essentially become a Sharia state, an Islamic state, or there will be civil war, or both."

Spencer adds that more and more ordinary people in Britain are growing concerned and angry about the "Islamization" of the country, which they clearly do not want.
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Re: Muslims a 'protected class' in U.K.
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2010, 03:31:52 AM »
Not only in Britain. EU servants have received a catalogue with words they have to avoid to not cause any suspicion of islamophobia.
Words like "jihad", "jizya", "islamist", "sharia", "honour killing" etc. were made taboo-words. Ridiculous since Muslims use these words still with pride! A boy in Cologne was given the name "Cihad" (jihad) by his Turksih father. So how would they call him then? Mr. C?  :::D