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The story which was recently posted here at JTF concerning the list of 'Influencial Jews' in Italy was shocking. That these neo-nazis are once again rising against their concept of 'world-wide Jewery' is virtually incredible. One of those 'Most Influencial Jews in Italy' was MP Fiamma Nirenstein who has just written a response to this on Arutz Sheva. Her response is truly impressive. When a Jew is not afraid of the antisemite and will confront their evil and bizarre hatred head on...

Read what she says:

Too Bad for the Anti-Semites
by MP Fiamma Nirenstein

It's great to be Jewish, so too bad for those who put my name at the head of the neo-Nazi forum list of "influential" Italian Jews, says our intrepid Italian MP.

Dear friends,

Last week an Italian daily newspaper and INN, published the news that an American neo-Nazi forum, StørmFrønt, founded by supporters of the Ku Klux Klan, has disseminated - under a thread eloquently entitled "international Judaism" - various lists of Italian Jews who are "influential" in economy and media sectors, stating their wish to their cancellation from the world, i.e. instigating their murder.

As usual, my name is among the very first on the list. Many lists of this type have already been published on the Web recently, but this one oversteps the bounds of Italy and is being circulated worldwide, and we know that the Jews have innumerable enemies, at all corners of the Earth.

The threat is real, and unremitting. Throughout the last year, during which the Parliamentary Committee for the Inquiry into Anti-Semitism, that I chair, commenced its activity, the MPs members of the Committee, both right- and left-wing, have been threatened and accused of being members of a Zionist lobby that “holds sway in Parliament” and “servants of the Jewish mafia".

We are not going to be intimidated and intend to continue with our work in Parliament and with the writing of articles like the one I attach here for your attention.

Fiamma Nirenstein

We are not going to be silenced by the new antisemites

Published on Il Giornale daily, January 13, 2011
by Fiamma Nirenstein

When Ilan Halimi disappeared on 21 January 2006 from the shop where he worked, countless lines of investigation were followed: women, drugs, shady business deals. But no-one searched for that 24-year-old youth where they should have done: in a suburb, tortured for 24 days, and ultimately killed, by a group of Islamic anti-Semitic extremists. They were killing their Jew. They thought that this sales assistant in an electronics supply shop was rich. They were asking an impossible ransom from his mother, a woman that I embraced when she said me here in Rome : “No-one believed me when I told them that they should have been following the anti-Semitic lead”.

And yet girls with the star of David around their necks and men wearing the kippah were already being attacked in the streets of Europe . Shouts of “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas” were already being heard in the streets of London and Berlin and the editions of Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, vomited onto European markets by Middle-Eastern importers, were already gaining as much popularity as the TV series in which a Jew removed a little Muslim girl’s eyes in order to transplant them in a little Jewish boy’s. It was already common knowledge that anti-Semitic incidents together with anti-Zionist ones – similar both in terms of method and content – were growing to the point of exceeding those prior to 1939 and that here in Italy 54 percent of the population have "unpleasant" views on the Jews.

But anti-Semitism is, in the collective imagination, a trifling matter. As common sense dictates: after Hitler, what lunatic can still believe in the existence of conspiracy theories about Jews who want to conquer the world, in the demonization of Judeans devoted to evil, and in the verity of the mytho-maniacal idea of an exclusive, supranational, ultra-rich power, oriented at taking over the world? And yet that lunatic is here with us, next to me, and I am on that crazy list.

He proceeds like a moronic Golem, or a Frankenstein, drunken perhaps but nonetheless capable of exploiting the worldwide potential tool of Internet. And thus, in his eyes, I am part of a plot to control the Italian Parliament, I am an agent of the Mossad, I am a settler financed by the Israeli government, I am a part of the conspiracy that destroyed the Twin Towers , I hate the Arabs, I hate the poor, I hate children, I hate freedom of opinion… I hate everything. I am a pawn and also a Judeo-Pluto-Masonic manipulator, I am Israeli-American and I will conquer the world crushing the innocent through an apartheid State with a predilection for murdering children. I am also a very rich and very powerful lady, a diabolical conspirator, an ignoble being who, in a word, deserves to die.

This is the delegitimization that frontally attacks the Jews and the State of Israel nowadays. My face “must be erased” they say on their site, where they line me up with many friends and also with many people whose ideas I do not share, and they repeat these words ad nauseam on countless occasions, such as when one of their leaders, who shall remain nameless, asks, on his website “What is to be done with Nirenstein” and then replies that a volunteer suicide bomber is what is needed to deal with me. The Committee for the Inquiry into Anti-Semitism of the Chamber of Deputies, which I helped to found, is described – on the same site – as being the long arm of Zionism, and all its members, each and every one, are potential targets.

I have been escorted by good policemen for exactly ten years now. I have experienced first-hand just what modern anti-Semitism is all about. First and foremost, it is still the same as ever: it still uses the “Protocols” and other basic texts on the fabrication of the Shoah. It has updated itself with the Hamas Charter, with Ahmadinejad, with endless resources of Middle-Eastern anti-Semitism which have mixed with its neo-Nazi version, becoming one and the same.

The demonization of the Jews as individuals and of Israel as the collective emblem of the Jews uses the same stereotypes I mentioned earlier. The restyling of certain traditional themes in the form of a “liberal” exaltation of human rights, e.g. the continual, obsessive denigration of Israel that the UN expresses when it defines Zionism as being “racism”, resurrects old eliminationist ideas. Israel and the Jews have no legitimacy in a world dominated by automatic majorities and by third-worldist NGOs. But these ideas are expounded, with increasing frequency, by their standard bearer Ahmadinejad, who threatens to destroy the Jews and in Europe, on the campuses, in the trade unions. In the cities of Europe the echo of his words resounds. The “liberal” reformulation of anti-Semitism - without underestimating neo-Nazism - is its new master key.

For those who wish to know how I feel, my conscience is clear. I do not think that we will ever manage to defeat anti-Semitism, ever. Anti-Semitism is the problem of the Anti-Semite, not mine – it reflects his contemptible distortion of reality. I will fight him to prevent him from harming me, but not in the hope of reforming him. He is of no interest to me. Personally, I am certainly not going to be less Jewish in order to pander to him. While the German Jews believed that Bildung was the solution for assimilation into German society and the Fascist Jews hoped to quench the fire of anti-Semitism, the liberal Jews think that the more pacifist they behave, the less anti-Semitism would torment them.

Zionists hoped that by creating a hypothetical normalization, anti-Semitism would be stopped or at least limited. That idea was a failure. Anti-Semitism can only be undermined through a head-on collision of ideas, through the integrity of an identity which for over 4000 years now has been creating the idea of the responsibility of man before a single and invisible G-d, has been shaping a society of life and human rights, and, after unspeakable suffering, has constructed a small democratic State.

I am sorry for the anti-Semites, because it is great to be a Jew.
You shall make yourself the Festival of Sukkoth for seven days, when you gather in [the produce] from your threshing floor and your vat.And you shall rejoice in your Festival-you, and your son, and your daughter, and your manservant, and your maidservant, and the Levite, and the stranger, and the orphan, and the widow, who are within your cities
Duet 16:13-14