Author Topic: Writing your own Mezuzah scroll?  (Read 1959 times)

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Writing your own Mezuzah scroll?
« on: February 01, 2011, 03:05:34 PM »
I do not have the money to replace my Mezuzah scrolls.  I am moving in 3 months and when I relocate I want to make sure they are Kosher.  I also want to make sure my parents Mezuzah scrolls are Kosher as well and give them a gift of having something done for them.  I am not a scribe, nor much of an artist, but I can write very accurately if I take the time to do so.  It would also be a good opportunity to practice my written Hebrew.

Do need any special paper?  How about a special pen?  I have seen calligraphy pens before but never with a tip small enough to write as small as one would need to make sure the scroll fits inside of the case; I hope a regular very fine felt tip marker would be fine.
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Re: Writing your own Mezuzah scroll?
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2011, 03:56:44 AM »
Ari, if you are Jewish you should know, but I will explain. You cannot write your own Mezuzah if you are not a scribe. You cannot use paper or pen. Mezuzot are written on a special parchement from a kosher animal. There are thousands of laws regarding how its written and the pen is a special one, I believe a feather as its used for writting a Torah scrool. The script is not exactly the same as while writing Hebrew in a book or a letter.
I believe that in Torah times many people knew that requirements and wrote their own Mezuzah as it is commanded "You shall write them", but I'm not sure. Currently, it's impossible to do it.