Author Topic: Minimum wage increase: complicated on the inside  (Read 1905 times)

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Minimum wage increase: complicated on the inside
« on: February 25, 2014, 07:10:07 AM »

If we were to demand that these corporations (which are basically all traitors from what I've seen anyways) pay their workers what we pay out of our pockets, would that be good? How can we keep businesses and reduce socialism at the same time? Usually, that's not a hard question, but in this case it is. My gut says minimum wage is not the issue here, but how do we fix this? Since anyways the workers can't live off the wage, they're going to get the money, but it seems worse for a socialistic system to make everyone pay for them, even though America can't afford to scare away more businesses.

Need help with this dilemma, thanks.
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