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The Bermuda Triangle and The Existince of an Overseas Solomonic Empire

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--- Quote from: MackaB on June 17, 2007, 06:47:08 PM ---this is interesting but doesn't seem very specific.

maybe it could also refer to the constitution of the water which affects the metal?

Also, the bermuda triangle supposedly affected many airplanes too, and these are way above the water.

It does make sense that some areas of the ocean won't tolerate metal on ships.

Were early Jews sea-faring people at all? 

Were there lots of boats around in the days of Noah's arc?

I usually associate most of sailing as a European thing.

I am curious about the timetable of the invention of boats/sailing.  I guess oar boats were probably around for many years before sails were invented (capable of transatlantic voyages)

I have dreams about being on boats a lot.  I think this is odd because I have not spent much time on any sort of boats and am not nautical.

--- End quote ---

One of the 12 tribes (Sons of Jacob) was called Zevulun-his tribe's business was they were seamen. So I guess it was common back then.

One interesting thing that supports this hypothesis about the magnetism is that people always report that they're compasses go crazy over there. It could be that the magnetism causes the airplanes navigations systems to go bizerk and that's what brings them down.
Or maybe the magnetism is so strong it could pull them down from them there, I don't know.

Maybe I'll try to get a hold of that book.

Hail Columbia:

--- Quote from: Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim on June 18, 2007, 07:11:45 PM ---I've heard Zevulun traveled to The Americas. That is why there are some American Indians in Central America who claim to be lost tribes. Ophir in The Bible may be America.
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According to David ben-Ariel's site, Zevulun is supposed to correspond to today's Netherlands.


--- Quote from: Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim on June 18, 2007, 07:20:58 PM ---Everyone says Columbus discovered The New World which is not true.

Here is the order of things:

American Indians came via The Bering Strait Land Bridge to Alaska about 12,000 years ago (First people to arrive. They were Orientals.).

Orientals reached South America by boat about 6,000 years ago.

Phoenicians and Jews sailed to The Americas in Biblical times. My Earth Science teacher told me Phoenician remains were found in Maryland (First Caucasians to arrive.).

Vikings came to Greenland and Canada (First Europeans to arrive.).

I learned in History class in college that fishermen came to The World chasing after after cod for hundreds of years. These included Basque fishermen and Scandinavians. They reached down The Atlantic Coast up to New England. That is how American Indians knew English. That is how they knew how to communicated with The Pilgrims.

Christopher Columbus came to The Caribbean which made The New World known to the masses. It is a huge myth that he was the first European to discover America.

--- End quote ---

I would not be suprised if this was true.  To think that ancient people crossed the atlantic in a boat is amazing.  That is so adventurous it's unbelievable.  I'm kind of in awe of early sea-faring explorers.

this is some really fascinating stuff. and actually it all makes perfect sense.

it makes sense that egyptians started the aztec empires because the pyramids are very similar.

I wonder where the pygmie like tribes came from? maybe they were in modern s. america earlier and the people of the middle east mated with them eventually producing people who are dark skinned south americans now?

Re:  "Who got there first"

All of this conjecture is quite interesting, but is nothing new.

There is no shortage of archaeological anamolies worldwide.

However, Worlds In Collision, written by Jewish scholar Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky in 1950, provides evidence from every ancient peoples' written records and/or oral myths, which might indicate another plausible explanation as to why anthropological as well as geological artifacts from various ancient peoples and nations are found far from home home in places on our planet.

The theory that Egyptians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians sailed the world and settled the Americas thousands of years ago may be totally fallacious.

There is more than one way that cuneiform stone tablets, tools, jars, and yes; even entire boats, could find their way 6000 miles or more from their origins and to be buried deep in mud or sand, to be "discovered" and theorized over millenia later by academicians. I am always fond of telling various "Experts in their Field", who insist that only "such and such" could have...only "so and so" could have, I always say "After all is said and done, it always comes back to my famous Jewish Traveling Salesman Theory!--The theory that accounts for why imports and exports are found all over the world in unexplainable historic timelines!--Simply some old Jew in a canoe sailing around selling pots and pans and stone tablets."

A little humor:

When a university student, my earth science professor was offering the latest "proof" explanation of why the dinosaurs became extinct.

For at least 100 years, the very same academicians forced you to repeat verbatim the maxim that "climate change" killed off the cold-blooded reptilies.

Then, just recently, the "academic community" changed their party line to insisting all students repeat verbatim that "an asteroid hit earth and obliterated all life".

Then, adding insult to injury, some nitwit decided that "the dinosaurs weren't cold-blooded at all!...they were warm blooded just like us!".

Tired of being brainwashed with "the latest", I raised my hand and said "Professor, I am certain of what caused the dinosaur's sudden mysterious disappearance from earth."

"Go on"...she insisted.

"Well, ma'am, Aliens from Outer Space landed here, rounded all of them up just like cattle, herding them into gigantic ships, took them all to another planet in another world, and made Bar-B-Que out of them!"

"Why...That is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard!"...she said, a disgusted tone in her voice.

"No offense, Professor"..."but it makes every bit as much, if not more sense, than all of the other things I've been hearing "the experts" tell me!"


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