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Backround info and contact info for KITAT KONENUT
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Listen to this Brain dead schmuck Danny in this News Broadcast try to down play Jewish Self defense!

Kitat Konenut New York is a non political, non partisan team of committed young Jews devoted to defending the Jewish community.

The goal of the organization is to protect Jewish neighborhoods, schools, Yeshivot, Synagogues, and community centers from anti-Semitic and terrorist
Kitat Konenut in Hebrew means "readiness team". That describes the nature of our group as all members are expected to be ready to be called up in case of an emergency at all times. Many of our members are veterans of IDF combat units and law enforcement agencies, and all represent the face of the proud, strong Jew that we wish to present to the world. Members of the Kita are well trained and well armed with the best gear and weapons available. All guns are 100% legal and in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. We strongly believe in the constitutional right to bear arms and we express this right to it's fullest.

We are well connected with the New York Police Department and FDNY and invite all members of the law enforcement community to join in our life saving activities.

The motto of the group is"Lo ta'amod al dam re'echa" - "Do not stand idly by while your brother's blood is being spilled".
Kitat Konenut New York New York's only Jewish Emergency Readiness Squad is having it's third annual in Israel, "Kitat Konenut" refers to a settlement's "Rapid Response" or Anti-Terror Response" Unit: Kitat Konenut: A small cadre of citizens (all in the active reserve) are organized and trained as a first response unit in the event the community is infiltrated or comes under any other kind of attack. Their main mission: flush out and neutralize the terrorist(s). These brave people are Israel's "minutemen."

The shomrim and Kitat Konenut are trained and organized by a RVSh"Tz (pronounced rav-SHATZ) which is Hebrew acronym for "Public Security Coordinator" who is in charge of overall security for the community.

Israeli Military Training Camp
The dates are Friday July 25th through Sunday August 3rd 2008.

Training will include:

*Krav maga
*Edged weapons training
*Rifle training
*Pistol training
*Scoped Rifle, long range shooting
*Non-Lethal weapons training
*Endurance marches
*Overnight wilderness hikes
*Masa alunkot, 10-25 Kilometers
*Histaarut, prat, kita and chulia
*Identification of suspicious objects and how to deal with them

The course will also include discussions on:

*Torah and Halacha
*Understanding and confronting terrorism
*Fighting anti-Semitism
*History of the Zionist movement in Eretz Yisrael
*Know your rights- learn how every American can and must be legally armed
and how to express the second amendment. Understand US gun laws and how they
compare to other countries.

Instructor positions are also available for those who have served in combat
units of the IDF or US military or veterans and members of US law
enforcement agencies.

To register for camp contact us.


I know this information is a few years old, and many anti 2A infringement's have come down the path over the past two years in New York, Colorado, California, and this Hoplophobia disease is spreading quickly all over the country, but if you wish to check out Kitat Konenut, they have a few short clips on Youtube.
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