Author Topic: As I was out back shooting Beer cans today with my freinds.  (Read 7041 times)

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As I was out back shooting Beer cans today with my freinds.
« on: August 15, 2013, 07:52:49 PM »
As the months draw down fast towards hunting season, I was outback here with a few of my friends shooting some old Dixie Beer cans, and we stopped in our tracks to realize and discuss that when we were handing off each others shot guns to each other that we would have just broken the New bogus Colorado Gun Control Laws that would required each of us to have had to have a background check on each other before we could legally do so even though we are all Law abiding Citizens!

What is amazing is the most liberal state in the North East Vermont has Constitutional Carry yet here in the Deep South in Texas we still do not have it.

Texas has NO long gun laws, but to possess a pistol in public one must to acquire a Concealed carry permit.

A PERMIT means PERMISSION, from the Government, for a Constitutional Right we already possess from birth! Hence any firearms permit is a Infringement 

" You know your in Texas when you see a Jew driving a Old Pick up truck, wearing a Cowboy Hat and Boot's carrying a AR-15 in his Gun Rack"
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