Author Topic: Camp America, Kitty Werthmann speech, Howard Lake, MN. A Must watch  (Read 7054 times)

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My rest and relaxation on Shabbat is a full bottle of Mogen David and having fun researching and posting any article or video that promotes Jewish Self defense while listening to Yasmin Levy and singing praise to G-d.

At the break of dawn I go to my own firing range on my land and relax even more and I have fun firing my assortment of my firearms, and when Shabbat comes to a close I clean my Guns and reload my ammo brass and shot gun shells.

Camp America, Kitty Werthmann speech, Howard Lake, MN.

Want to hear History repeating itself? All American Gun owners must watch and listen close to this speech.  "KEEP YOUR GUNS, BUY MORE GUNS" Gun Control starts at 28:11

Listen close to hear about Health care, snitch program to report on Boss, friends and family members then Gun Control and later about Barbara Boxer and the Communist party and then about The Communist agenda for Mexican Immigration in 2008!

This speech will blow your mind, everything Kitty Werthmann  speaks about is going on now!

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“It is a revolution; a revolution of the most intense character; in which belief in the justice, prudence, and wisdom of secession is blended with the keenest sense of wrong and outrage, and it can no more be checked by human effort for the time than a prairie fire by a gardener’s watering pot.”