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Truth about arabs who call themselves "palistiniens"


My Jewish Nakba
For Israel’s 66th Anniversary
By Avrom

As Israel Independence Day approaches, so does the anguish of the Palestinians. Nakba. The Catastrophe. As Israeli Jews celebrate, Palestinian Arabs cry. In 1948, as State of Israel was born, hundreds of thousands of Arabs left their homes and became refugees in the bordering Arab states. Whole arab towns got emptied. 500 arab villages were abandoned. What a horrible disaster! Catastrophe! Nakba!
On Nakba anniversary Arabs living in Israel hold marches to their former villages, carrying keys from destroyed homes, old British property deeds, Turkish durmans. Palestinian flags fly over their heads. Little children carry posters with names of the villages stolen by wicked Zionists. They cry. They fast. They complain to reporters. Their Jewish leftist friends join the procession. They cry & mourn together.

Poor Arabs. Before May 1948, they were the majority in Palestine. They wanted British to leave, so that they would create a Moslem Arab State. Instead, Israel got created with despised and powerless arab minority, called “Palestinians”. Truly, a Nakba!

Me, being a criminal racist “kahanist”, I still have a bleeding Jewish heart. I feel for poor oppressed Palestinians. I feel their pain. I admire their sense of history and remembrance.
Let me imagine jumping in the procession too. Please, don’t kick me! Don’t shoot me! Don’t call me a Nazi!
As you imagine your grandparents leaving their homes, let’s visualize together.

Scene 1. Palestine in 1880’s under Turkish Ottoman rule. Land is desolate. Malaria marshes up north in Galilee. Wind-swept desert sands of the Negev in the south. Few fishing villages on the sea shore. Few thousands live in Jerusalem, Acco, Jaffa. As early Zionists build their kibbutzes, arabs surround them with their settlements. Word spreads out amongst the starving fellahim around the Middle East & North Africa: “Jews in Palestine pay wages!” Families ride donkeys or walk on foot for a better life in Palestine. They come by the thousands, desperate arabs from Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia. From as far away as Morocco, Iraq & Yemen. Even Cherkesses, Bosnians & Gypsies come. There is no immigration policy, there is no border or passport control. Ruling Turks (and later, British) are only happy to see land developing & population growing.

And on we march!

Scene 2. 1920’s. Socialist Party meeting in Jewish Tel-Aviv. Speaker: “…Arab proletarian workers are much closer to us than parasitic Jewish religious fanatics who study Talmud all day…” & “…so, even Arab workers get agitated by mullahs & nationalists & start bloody pogroms… do not overreact… proletarii of all nations, unite!” & “The day will come when we will get rid of Judaism & will live as one nation with our proletarian arab brethren!”
Applause from the audience.

And on we march!

Scene 3. Here is our destination: heap of stones on the hillside. Crowd sits on the grass. Speakers get emotional on the podium. Inte bahka aravit? Men cry. Ladies wail & tear at their hair. Kids yell. Here comes an Israeli Jew. He tells how sorry he is for what his grandpa had done to poor palestinians. Everybody nod. He cries, his girlfriend embraces him.
Now I stand up. Dead silence.

AsSalyam, dear Arab People!
This Land is given to Jews by G-d as stated in Holy Torah. That is where Our Nation was born 4,000 years ago. That is where Jewish kings ruled. This is where our Temples stood, where our cities were built. We, Jews, worked This Land long before Arab People left Arabian Peninsula on the jihadi conquest. We were exiled from This Land by armed force 2,000 years ago. But now we are back. We never forget Our Land. In exile, we prayed 3 times daily for return to Zion. We are commanded to live on the Land of Israel. Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. Remember that.

Now, dear Arabs, lift up your old rusty keys that you clinch in your fists. These keys you bought in the shuks not long ago. And let’s see your old property deeds that are made up for 10 dinars in forgery shops. Look at them. Don’t yell, don’t throw tomato at me, you missed anyway. Insh’ alla you know I speak the truth.

Now, dear Arabs, tell me… What if Roman Emperor Hadrian, 2,000 years ago, would not rename Judea into “Palestina”? How would you call yourselves? Judean Arabs? Or, maybe, native Judeans, Jews?
Let’s be honest and admit it. There are no “Palestinians”. You are Arabs, part of the Arab Nation. Arab nationalism, combined with fanatical islam does not let you sleep at night. Israel is the dagger in your heart, thorn in your side. Your grandfathers came to Israel not too long ago. They settled and told you stories of how they lived here for thousands of years. But you know that even Arafat’s family came from Egypt. And in 1948 young Yassir went back to Egypt. And Farouk Kaddumi did not come from Kedumim. He came from Syria.
And many of you with names like Masri and Saudi and Fez and Hijazi and Suri and Mugrabi?  Whom are you trying to fool?
What kind of nationhood are you trying to claim? Every nation have cultural landmarks. And where are yours?
Where is your literature, poetry or even the religious tracts? Where are the palestinian works of art? Where are the fields that you cultivated? Where is the single significant structure that you’ve built?
Be honest with yourselves: none of it exists. Just like the fictitious “Palestinian Nation” born from greed for Jewish Zionist achievements.

And isn’t it also true that instead of the cultural, religious, scientific, economic and other achievements, yours is the history of mass riots and wars each and every decade? And in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, when Jews were a small defenseless minority, what were the reasons for murder & maiming us by the thousands in massive pogroms all across the country?  And who pioneered bloody fadayeen raids against civilians in 1940s and 1950s? And airplane hijackings in 1960s and 1970s? And that is on top of the wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982? And stabbing and suicide bombings in the 1990s? And throwing stones at passing cars and mortar attacks on civilians that go on today?

That’s why so many are skeptical of the “Palestinian State” which you want to establish on our, ancient Jewish, Judean Heartland.  Nobody wants a state that will start wars and spread chaos, instability and rioting throughout the region.

Dear arabs! You are being fooled. You are fooled by arab nationalism and by fanatical islam.
Even israeli socialists fool you.

Arabs, squatting on the Land of Israel, you terrorize my land! You start wars; you murder and maim innocent people just because they are Jews. You do not let us live in peace. You have this wicked hope that some day you will be able to steal Jewish homes & wealth that we, Jews, created. You are mistaken, arabs. You are fooled. Because of that, your children will live in misery; and so will their children.

And that is what the real Nakba is. My Jewish Nakba. For as long as there is an aggressive arab minority on the Land of Israel, we have a Jewish Nakba.
Dear Arabs, spare yourselves sufferings! Throw away your rusty keys. Let the winds blow your forged deeds. Say ‘good bye’ to your Jewish socialist friends who use you to accomplish their own goals. Spit in the face of your mullah who fooled you for so long. Punch out that sorry loser: pan-arab nationalist. Go. Go home. Go live in any of the 22 Arab states that are yours. Go live in America, Canada, Sweden or Australia. Establish an honest humanistic Islam that you will be proud of. Develop your great Arab art & culture. that we admire so much. But get away from my Land.
Live happy, there is no need to cry for Nakba!

"Palestinians" are filthy yemenis that arrived in the 600's after their water dam broke. They converted to xtianity and then betrayed the byzantines for the persians in the 800's. Most of them were killed during the crusades and later by turks.


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