Author Topic: Patriots executed by Nazis remembered in Belgrade  (Read 2405 times)

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Patriots executed by Nazis remembered in Belgrade
« on: August 18, 2014, 08:13:47 AM »

BELGRADE -- The 73rd anniversary of the death of five patriots, hanged by the German occupation forces at Terazije Square in Belgrade in 1941, was marked on Sunday.

Labor Minister Aleksandar Vulin and Deputy Belgrade Mayor Andreja Mladenović paid their respects at a memorial dedicated to the victims.

Vulin pointed out Serbia's anti-fascist tradition, stressing that "Serbia would not be on the path towards the EU now if it had not been for such people as the five men killed at Terazije back in 1941."

"Serbia has always been on the right side," Vulin underscored, adding that "anti-fascism is a lasting virtue, and the names of anti-fascist heroes cannot be forgotten."

"Five civilians were killed publicly on August 17, 1941, just for being Serbs and opponents of fascism who sought freedom for their people and country," Mladenović noted.

"Two farmers, a student, tailor and shoemaker were tortured monstrously by the Gestapo for several days and then hanged on lampposts in the center of Belgrade, to crush any attempt and thought within the Serbian people of resisting the enemy," he remarked.

Serbia needs a genocide museum that would be dedicated to all its victims, like the ones other nations who have suffered in their struggle for freedom have, he pointed out.

The fascists hanged Jovan Janković, Svetislav Milin, Ratko Jević, Velimir Jovanović and Milorad Pokrajac on August 17, 1941.

The Belgrade authorities placed a memorial on the site of the execution, the work of sculptor Nikola Jovanović.
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