Author Topic: Dhimwit of the month A Roman Catholic Bishop: "Let's call G-d Allah" (From TROP)  (Read 689 times)

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August 2007 Dhimwit: Tiny Muskens

Bishop "Tiny" Muskens... (and we're pretty sure that his are quite small).

A Roman Catholic Bishop in the Netherlands suggests that, in order to please Muslims,  we all start calling G-d, "Allah."  (Hmmm... let's just say that this month's pick wasn't too hard to come up with).

Hey, while we're on the subject, do you know what would really please Muslims?  If we started calling ourselves "dhimmis" and tacked the jizya onto our monthly Visa bill.  That might buy us about ten years of goodwill before the protests start up again.

According to the good Bishop, changing the name of G-d to Allah is a terrific way to generate "greater understanding and acceptance of Muslims."  Apparently, he hasn't noticed that we aren't the ones with the tolerance problem.

Are there any Muslim countries that allow an influx of non-Muslims to immigrate and build houses of worship, preach their religion on street corners and even denounce their new government?  Because if there aren't, then perhaps it's best to wait until the Muslim world catches up to the West before racing further down the road to social extinction.

Each year at least 10,000 people lose their lives in terror attacks committed explicitly in the name of Islam, while violence from other religions hovers at around zero.  So, as far as "understanding and acceptance" goes, its probably time that the rest of us started demanding some, rather than use our time dreaming up new ways to pacify Muslim peevishness.

Naturally, the move to de-Christianize Christianity delighted CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper, who declared that G-d and Allah were the same person, "There not a theological leap to make on the part of Christians," he informed Fox News.

Well in that case, Ibrahim, why don't you and your buddies start calling Allah "Jesus?"  Or is it that Islam only appreciates compromise when the kafirs are the ones doing it?

In the real world, there is an enormous difference between G-d and Allah.  Just ask the Korean Christians being held by the Taliban...  those who haven't been killed yet, anyway.

Frankly, we've said more than we intended to here about the good Bishop.  Much of our own thunder on this issue was taken by others, who were quicker to comment:
Let's Call G-d 'Allah' and Jesus 'Slappy White' (note this link is broken because the filter  turned the o into a -)
Why not call Allah 'The Fonz'?
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This twit of the cloth should be shooted, rooted and electrocuted!