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Historical and Investigative Research article on Serbia
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To see where Israel is headed, visit Kosovo

Historical and Investigative Research - 8 July 2006
by Francisco Gil-White

[Research assistance: Peter Robert North]


Do you remember Kosovo? It’s the place we had to go save because the Serbs, NATO officials told us, were committing genocide against the Kosovo Albanians, and so what NATO needed to do, according to NATO officials, was help the ethnic Albanian KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) defeat the Serbs. So NATO bombed Serbia in 1999.

According to Sebastian Junger’s piece Slaves of the Brothel (Vanity Fair, July 2002), since the NATO bombing Kosovo has become a gangster state, where a criminal organization that is a cross between an ordinary mafia and a full-fledged terrorist army represses everybody, directs the lion’s share of the European heroin trade, and also much of the traffic in European female slaves. Did NATO intervene in Kosovo on behalf of the ethnic Albanians? This is easily answered: 1) NATO has failed to produce a single body from the genocide it supposedly went to stop;[1] 2) NATO installed the current Kosovo gangsters in power; and 3) we are no longer being exhorted by NATO officials to feel compassion for Kosovo Albanians.

In the Middle East as in Kosovo, there are terrorists who wish to exterminate their neighbors and who daily oppress their own people with physical violence for dissenters, and with hate indoctrination for the rest. In the Middle East as in Kosovo, the enemies of such terrorists are falsely demonized as oppressors in the Western media. In the Middle East as in Kosovo, the United States and the European powers are all supporting the idea of a pseudo-state carved out of another state, and run by such terrorists. And in the Middle East as in Kosovo, the NATO powers claim that they do this out of concern for an oppressed Muslim people.

Kosovo has become a gangster state where ordinary Albanians suffer extreme and widespread oppression; Kosovo’s ethnic Serbs have been murdered or thrown out in a campaign of extermination. Substitute ‘Arabs’ for ‘Albanians’ and ‘Jews’ for ‘Serbs’ and you’ve predicted the future of the Middle East. Those who would defend Israel must understand Kosovo.

Why the NATO bombing of Serbia?

In the late 1990s, NATO governments threw their support behind an ethnic Albanian terrorist movement calling itself the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) that, among other things, was seeking to separate the province of Kosovo from Serbia. (Partly as a consequence of twentieth century violence, the ethnic Albanians had become the majority in Kosovo). NATO citizens were told that the KLA was fighting to liberate ethnic Albanians in Kosovo from what NATO officials insisted was Serbian right-wing repression. When NATO began dropping bombs on Serbia, NATO officials forcefully and repeatedly explained, this was to stop a genocide against the ethnic Albanians. Turning a phrase that Orwell himself might have coined, NATO officials called this “humanitarian bombing.”[2]

NATO’s humanitarian bombs killed quite a few civilians, but killing Serbian civilians was necessary to stop an anti-Albanian genocide from getting worse, NATO officials insisted. Embarrassingly, however, these humanitarian, pro-Albanian bombs were killing so many Albanian civilians that the same NATO officials were forced to make a public apology.[3] By contrast, as HIR has demonstrated, even with total NATO/KLA military control over post-bombing Kosovo, NATO’s own forensics were unable to produce even one body of an Albanian civilian murdered by the Serbs.[4]

Did the US ruling elite really back the terrorist KLA to protect ethnic Albanians from genocide?

There is a way to test this. We can take a look at the situation of the Kosovo Albanians before the NATO bombing and compare this to what life for Kosovo Albanians has become since the NATO bombing. If the Kosovo Albanians are infinitely worse off today, and if the US and the rest of the NATO governments do not seem to care, then we may conclude that helping the Kosovo Albanians was never the point of the NATO bombing of Serbia.

HIR has already provided the before picture. As we have shown, according to a study done by the US military in the 1980s (the decade right before the civil wars that tore Yugoslavia apart), the Albanians in the Kosovo province of Serbia were the most carefully protected, economically subsidized, and politically enfranchised national minority anywhere in the world.[5] That’s right. What this piece will show is that the Kosovo Albanians are now -- thanks, precisely, to the NATO bombing -- some of the most brutally oppressed people in the world.

The Kosovo trade in female slaves

Vanity Fair’s July 2002 piece by Sebastian Junger begins by explaining what the topic is:

“A virulent Mafia business is thriving in postwar Kosovo: the $7 to $12 billion traffic in Eastern European women lured by promises of work, then forced into prostitution. Despite international efforts, sex slave traders have been nearly impossible to prosecute, thanks to corruption, local laws, and the victims’ fear of testifying.

…By the time they realize what is going on, it is too late. Deprived of their passports, gang-raped, often forced to take drugs, and disoriented by lack of food and sleep, these women find themselves virtual prisoners of whatever brothel they wind up in.

...the women know that -- since they were recruited back home -- the Mafia network extends into the smallest villages of their home country. When a pimp promises to harm a prostitute or her family, it is not an idle threat.”[6]

Junger’s desire to report on the mushrooming, multi-billion-dollar traffic in European female slaves brought him to Kosovo because this is now the epicenter of a business that grinds young women and destroys them. Writes Junger:

“The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (O.S.C.E.) -- part of the temporary governing body in Kosovo -- estimates that around 200,000 women each year are trafficked from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, most of them as prostitutes. The value of their services has been estimated at between $7 and $12 billion. ...There are now as many as 100 brothels in Kosovo, each employing up to 20 women. Thousands more women are trafficked through Kosovo and on into Western Europe.”

How much “temporary governing” can the OSCE be doing if Kosovo has become the capital of the modern trade in European female slaves? Is this the meaning of “Security and Cooperation in Europe”? Who is cooperating with whom? Here is one clue: according to Junger, “prostitution became a mainstay of the criminal economy within months of the NATO intervention in Kosovo.” Here is another clue: Junger says that “U.N. police officers are training local Albanians -- many of them taken from the ranks of the disarmed Kosovo Liberation Army -- basic police procedure.” So the KLA terrorist thugs are being turned by the UN into the official -- UN sanctioned -- monopoly of power, which is convenient for the many UN personnel whom Junger says regularly patronize the KLA's Kosovo brothels. Junger explains that these “Kosovo Police Service…officers, who are paid only $230 a month, are also highly vulnerable to corruption, making security breaches almost unavoidable.” In other words, the “disarmed Kosovo Liberation Army” is the armed and KLA-corrupted “Kosovo Police Service.” And the old Kosovo Liberation Army continues: it was never disarmed.[7] So the slave-trafficking KLA/Albanian Mafia is everywhere in power.

This includes a KLA-friendly court system, because, as Junger explains,

“Major criminal trials in Kosovo have two international judges sit on a panel with three local, or ‘lay,’ judges. This panel hears all evidence and then comes to a verdict. The lay judges, however, occasionally display the prejudices of the highly patriarchal [Albanian Muslim] culture. They tend to blame the woman for her troubles, in other words. ‘The majority of rape cases are fabricated by the alleged victims, seeking revenge, or trying to pressure the defendant to force a marriage proposal,’ one judge, according to an O.S.C.E. report, declared before a rape trial.”

Life for sex slaves, even when they are not being beaten or gang-raped, is unbelievably tough. According to a former sex slave whom Junger interviewed,

“[In the brothels,] the schedule was brutal. They had to stripdance from eight P.M. until six A.M., taking time to go in back with clients if called upon, and they had to be up at eight A.M. in case there were clients during the day. ...The prostitutes made around $30 per client and $1 for each drink the client bought, which was all put toward their debt. Natalia owed $1,500, but the owner deducted for food, lodging, clothes, and, of course, drugs, particularly cocaine, which the girls freebased in back. The new girls lived at the bar, and the ones who had repaid more than half their debt lived in an apartment, because the owner didn’t want the experienced ones warning the new ones about what was going to happen to them. If a particular girl got close to repaying her debt, the owner sold her off to someone else, and she had to start all over again.”

Junger says that he interviewed one “Lilia Gorceag, an American trained psychologist who treats women at the I.O.M. safe house in Chisinau.” Chisinau is the capital of the former Soviet Republic of Moldova, where slave traffickers find much with which to commerce (because Moldova is desperately poor and its women beautiful); the I.O.M. is the International Organization for Migration, which shelters ‘migrants’ and helps them return home. Writes Junger:

“Gorceag says that women who are trafficked to Turkey, Greece, and Italy generally survive their experiences psychologically intact, but the ones who wind up in the Balkans [meaning, in Kosovo] are utterly destroyed as people. They exhibit classic symptoms of severe post-traumatic stress disorder: they can’t focus; they can’t follow schedules; they’re apathetic to the point of appearing somnambulistic; they fly into violent rages or plunge into hopeless depression; some even live in terror that someone will come and take them away. Their condition keeps them from functioning normally in a family or a job, and that puts them at even greater risk of being trafficked again. “One of my patients ate napkins,” says Gorceag. “When I took away the napkins, she started eating newspaper. She wasn’t even aware of what she was doing. There is another patient who counts. She counts everything. When she can’t find anything to count, she turns her sleeve and counts the stitching. These are people with completely destroyed psyches. It’s a form of genocide. I know that’s a very strong word, but I live with 22 of these women, and I see their suffering every day.”

The extreme psychological breakdown that Gorceag reports for slaves trafficked to Kosovo may have something to do with the special ferocity and regularity of the violence there. Given post-NATO Kosovo’s centrality to the modern reappearance of a Muslim traffic in European slaves, Junger is naturally forced to tell us something about what law and order have become in Kosovo since the NATO bombing, beyond reporting on the slave trade itself. This focus is what makes Junger’s portrait of Kosovo so valuable to us. But, naturally, when interpreting a portrait it is good to have a sense for the painter’s biases, so allow me a few words about this Sebastian Junger, because he is not a stranger to Yugoslavia, and in particular he is not a stranger to Kosovo.

Sebastian Junger

I found a 1993 article that Junger wrote for the Christian Science Monitor that followed closely the Monitor’s editorial policy to damn the evidence and represent the Bosnian Serbs as genocidal murderers and the Bosnian Muslims as their innocent victims.[8] (HIR has shown this representation to be a fraud.[9]) So, on Bosnia, Sebastian Junger’s interpretation has agreed with the public statements of NATO officials. What about Kosovo? NATO officials also accused the Serbs of carrying out a campaign of genocide in Kosovo -- this time against the Kosovo Albanians. Once again, Sebastian Junger agreed with NATO, and wholeheartedly.

In 1998, Junger went to Kosovo itself and wrote Kosovo’s Valley of Death for Vanity Fair’s July issue. In the table of contents, Junger’s piece is announced as follows:

“In the smoldering province of Kosovo, perched on the former Republic of Yugoslavia’s border with Albania, the Serb army is waging a campaign of terror -- and sowing the seeds of another European war. Under the AK-47s of Belgrade’s troops and their guerilla foes, Sebastian Junger explores the heartbreaking terrain of two savage massacres.”[10]

Vanity Fair’s slant is unambiguous. It does not even call the Yugoslav army “the Serbian army” but “the Serb army” to make it sound more like an irregular ethnic militia “waging a campaign of terror.” By contrast, overlooking that a top US diplomat had just let it slip that the Albanian KLA was “without any questions, a terrorist group,”[11] Vanity Fair calls them “guerilla foes,” which the reader interprets as an army of ‘resistance’ or ‘liberation.’ It is obvious who Vanity Fair is saying perpetrated “two savage massacres,” but one cannot deliver the message too many times, so Sebastian Junger’s article begins with this sentence: “Once again, the Serb army is bombarding villages and massacring entire families...” Junger then goes on to tell a tale of relentless, Tolkien-like Serbian savagery against innocent Albanians. To really compare this to anything, Junger editorializes, “you’d have to go back to the Nazis.”

As pointed out above, however, NATO’s own forensics, even with total NATO/KLA control of Kosovo after the bombing (and NATO is the mightiest power on earth), could not produce evidence of even one Albanian civilian murdered by Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic’s forces.[12] How can we resolve this contradiction? Simple: Sebastian Junger’s stories about slaughter upon slaughter of Albanian civilians by bloodthirsty Serbs are not true. Junger certainly never claims to have witnessed violence by Serbian authorities against innocent Albanians himself; he got his stories from what he calls Albanian “witnesses.” So it is relevant that the Albanian KLA terrorists, as has been well established, were in charge of producing for Western journalists precisely such fraudulent ‘testimony’ about supposed monstrous Serbian crimes.[13]

And yet Junger tells vivid and memorable stories of Serbian atrocities in his 1998 Vanity Fair piece -- so vivid that you can almost swear Junger was there. There is a good reason for this. Though he is not an investigator, Sebastian Junger can write fiction: he is the bestselling author of The Perfect Storm.[14] So whatever it is that the Albanian “witnesses” told him, Sebastian Junger can spin it into a good yarn.

But is this a paid liar for NATO, then, or is he merely an able writer with appalling journalistic standards who, despite being a creature of childlike innocence, was sent into the middle of an armed conflict where he became the dupe of terrorists posing as victims? The answer is that Sebastian Junger is a paid liar for NATO.

It is possible to give a clear demonstration. In his 1998 article on Kosovo, Junger wrote that,

“[In 1989,] nearly 600 years after the battle [of Kosovo, where the medieval Serbs fought the Turks to a draw], Slobodan Milosevic -- the man responsible for igniting the entire Balkan conflict -- would stand on the ancient battlefield and whip a crowd of angry Serbs into a nationalist frenzy. 'Yugoslavia does not exist without Kosovo!' he yelled, instantly catapulting himself to the top of the political heap. 'Yugoslavia would disintegrate without Kosovo!'”[15]

This is the mainstream NATO and media representation of the Yugoslav civil wars: Slobodan Milosevic gave a speech in Kosovo in 1989 and “whip[ped] a crowd of angry Serbs into a nationalist frenzy,” making the Serbs eager to go exterminate everybody who was not Serbian and thus “igniting the entire Balkan conflict.” But this is false. Slobodan Milosevic talked about nothing but unity, harmony, and equality between the ethnic populations of Yugoslavia in his 1989 speech. He ignited nothing. The media lied. To see the extent of disinformation on Milosevic’s 1989 speech, consult HIR’s investigation on this, which reproduces the full text of the speech (two independent translations) so that you may compare it against what the media said.[16] In the text of the speech, if you look for the sentences “Yugoslavia does not exist without Kosovo!” and “Yugoslavia would disintegrate without Kosovo!” you will find that they do not appear. Remarkable: Junger has placed in quotes an entire sentence that does not appear in Milosevic’s speech -- and he has done this not once but twice.

Sebastian Junger poses as a journalist, but that’s not what he is.

In one memorable passage of his 1998 article on Kosovo, Junger scares the reader with hearsay accounts of supposed violence by Serbian policemen against journalists such as himself. And yet, paradoxically, Junger didn’t witness any violence by Serbian policemen against journalists, and he himself had zero problems with the Serbian policemen, who waved him through every checkpoint (including the checkpoint right before what Junger claims was the scene of a Serbian war crime against Albanian civilians!). In a brave attempt to solve this particular contradiction, Junger relays how a Serbian policeman screamed at him that “You journalists are all spies! You always make the Serbs look bad,” telling him to print the truth or else; Junger clearly implies that he considers this ‘violent’ and undeserved.

But though he never had trouble with the Serbs, KLA snipers did shoot at Sebastian Junger and his companion when passing through a police checkpoint, and it is in details such as these that one begins to glimpse, behind the thicket of propaganda, the real story of Yugoslavia’s civil wars. At the very end of his 1998 Vanity Fair piece, Junger gives us another peek:

“On April 29th, after a series of [KLA] attacks on police bunkers, a statement attributed to the KLA was issued, threatening death to anyone who negotiates with the Serbs for anything less than full independence for Kosovo.”

So Junger lets it slip that the KLA was conducting a campaign of terror against Albanian civilians who disagreed with the KLA. The KLA kept its promise, making an example of any Albanian who went out of his way to show loyalty to Yugoslavia, and then the KLA proudly took credit for the murders in public.[17]

Sebastian Junger’s 1998 piece in Vanity Fair fits the pattern of the great majority of articles in the mainstream Western media about Yugoslavia during the 1990s: the reporter (1) witnesses no Serbian violence against Albanians and is not mistreated by the Serbian authorities; (2) downplays KLA violence against Albanians, and KLA serbophobic racist violence, which he does witness; and (3) reports a tale of supposed Serbian savagery based entirely on Albanian ‘testimony’ that is presented as confirmed, scientific fact.

Now, in his more recent 2002 Vanity Fair piece about the Kosovo trade in sex slaves, Junger summarizes the Kosovo conflict by way of historical aside, and once again represents the Serbs as the ‘bad guys’ in order to apologize, once more, for the NATO bombing:

“In February and March 1998, Serb military and paramilitary forces carried out a series of massacres in the Drenica region of central Kosovo that quickly grew into a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing. By the time NATO intervened a year later, as many as 10,000 ethnic Albanians had been killed and an estimated 800,000 driven across the country’s borders.”[18]

Junger is lying again. The Hague Tribunal reported the final body count for Kosovo -- after the forensics had packed their bags and left because there was nothing further to be found -- in August 2000 (Junger writes the above in 2002). The total, final body count reported in August 2000 was this: 2788 bodies.[19] Not, mind you, 2788 bodies of Albanian civilians massacred by Milosevic’s forces. Just bodies. So this grand total includes dead Serbian soldiers, dead Serbian civilians, and dead KLA terrorists. It includes everybody who was killed by NATO’s bombs. Yes, it includes some dead Albanian civilians, but these latter are just a fraction of 2788, and NATO cannot show that the Serbs killed any of them. So it is quite impossible that 10,000 ethnic Albanian civilians were killed by the Serbs, as Junger asserts. 10,000 is just the magical number that the KLA and the media chose to keep repeating, in their pro-NATO sing-along, when it became obvious that nobody would buy the earlier magical and beautifully round number: 100,000.[20] (500,000, another round, psychological landmark, was also trotted out, briefly).[21]

The supposed “massacres in the Drenica region of central Kosovo” that Junger mentions never happened. The most famous accusation is that Milosevic’s forces supposedly massacred around 40 Albanian civilians in the Kosovo town of Racak. NATO used this accusation as an excuse to begin the NATO bombing of the Serbs, but no massacre took place: it was a CIA/KLA hoax, and some information about this had surfaced already in 2000 and then again in 2001, which is to say long before Junger wrote his piece.[22] In 2001, the study done by NATO’s own Finish forensic team, which shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no Racak massacre, was published. But Sebastian Junger, writing in 2002, does not care: he is still pushing pro-NATO propaganda that has already been refuted by NATO’s own scientists.

Sebastian Junger’s career is perfectly consistent with a strong reluctance to say anything bad about the KLA, which in turn is consistent with Junger’s pro-NATO orientation, because saying bad things about the KLA, for which NATO became the air force, embarrasses NATO’s position. And as we see above, in Junger’s 2002 article on Kosovo, he is still working hard to apologize for NATO. This is worth keeping in mind. It is also worth keeping in mind that Junger’s two traveling companions and translators for his 2002 foray into Kosovo, and who translated everything (whether from Albanian or Serbian), were both of them Albanian. And they were clearly not too afraid to escort the foreigner journalist into the heart of Mordor. Ergo, they couldn’t be too unfriendly with the KLA.

So, given the biases of the author, and of his data collection instruments, it is possible to make an educated guess: though Junger paints a picture of NATO-installed KLA rule in Kosovo that is one of umitigated horror, Kosovo is probably even worse.

Law and order in Kosovo today, according to
Sebastian Junger

About Kosovo today, Junger explains in his 2002 Vanity Fair piece:

“Most of the prostitutes in Kosovo have been trafficked illegally from the poorest parts of the ruined Soviet state. They are lured by the promise of a good job, usually in Italy or Germany, their passports are confiscated, and they generally wind up sold to Albanian pimps, who force them to work in brothels to pay off their “debt,” i.e., what it cost the pimp to buy them. Not surprisingly, the system is set up so that that is virtually impossible, and the women essentially become trapped in the dark, violent world of the Albanian Mafia.

…There are very good reasons why something amounting to slavery has been allowed to thrive in the middle of Europe. Not only is the Albanian Mafia notoriously violent -- Kosovo has one of the highest murder rates in Europe -- but it has attempted to infiltrate and buy off both the local police force and the government. “Those who have money here have power,” as one United Nations police officer says. “And the Mafia has money.” Undercover work in the brothels is dangerous, and attempting a police action that the Mafia doesn’t get tipped off to is extremely difficult. Furthermore, the Mafia is deeply intertwined with the Kosovo Liberation Army (K.L.A.), which fought the [Yugoslav] Army and then started an insurrection in Macedonia, and it has access to plenty of weapons.”[23]

Sebastian Junger says above that “there are very good reasons why something amounting to slavery has been allowed to thrive in the middle of Europe,” but in fact he does not state the principal reason: NATO bombed the compassionate and tolerant Serbs and empowered the racist and terrorist KLA. Junger’s way of mangling the point that the “Albanian Mafia” and the KLA are one and the same thing goes like this: “the Mafia is deeply intertwined with the Kosovo Liberation Army (K.L.A.).” The KLA/Mafia, as Junger explains, has its fingers in “the local police force and the government,” which, given that the KLA/Mafia are “notoriously violent,” has for consequence that “Kosovo has one of the highest murder rates in Europe.” So, thanks to NATO, Kosovo today is the most nightmarish gangster state, swarming with slaves.

Elsewhere in his article Sebastian Junger says that, immediately after the NATO bombing,

“Groups of young Albanian toughs were already patrolling the streets of Pristina [Kosovo’s capital] and other large towns... Already in a position of power because they had helped fund and arm the K.L.A., the Mafia bought off local officials, infiltrated the police force, and killed anyone they couldn’t intimidate.”

Junger says lots of things, and it can be distracting, but there are rewards to paying attention. What he says above gives away the store: NATO knowingly backed a criminal/terrorist enterprise in Kosovo. The identity of the terrorist KLA as the armed wing of the Albanian Mafia was in place long before NATO decided to become the KLA’s air force. But Junger didn’t make any of this clear when he was cheering for NATO to intervene, supposedly on behalf of the ethnic Albanians.

Notice what he now writes:

“Worldwide, the effect [of the Albanian Mafia] has been disastrous. The Balkan drug trade, which moves more than 70 percent of the heroin destined for Europe, is valued at an estimated $400 billion a year. By early 2001 the Albanian Mafia had muscled its competition out of the way and all but taken over London’s crime-ridden red-light district, Soho. Albanian organized crime has established alliances with the Italian Mafia and with criminal gangs in Turkey. In February 2001 an Albanian insurrection started in Macedonia [which borders Kosovo], and the Mafia quickly moved in to help arm and pay for the guerrilla movement that went from several hundred to several thousand men in a matter of months. In some cases, Mafia bosses simply became local rebel commanders and funded their military operations through criminal enterprises that could operate much more effectively under the cover of war.”

The terrorist KLA has now been replicated by the Albanian Mafia in Macedonia. As I was saying, the KLA is simply the armed wing of the Albanian Mafia. And this Mafia is replicating other things: according to Junger, “the highway south of the Macedonian town of Tetovo -- long a hotbed of Albanian nationalism and organized crime -- is lined with brothels as well.”

Obviously, NATO made ordinary ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and elsewhere worse off.

How curious, isn’t it, that NATO officials aren’t this very minute mobilizing the NATO citizenries to help the desperate Kosovo Albanians who are being oppressed by the KLA/Albanian Mafia. NATO officials certainly appeared very concerned about these Albanians when they were telling us how important and urgent it was that we bomb the Serbs. Can it be that NATO officials don’t know what has been happening in Kosovo since they bombed Serbia? No, they do know. Here below is Sebastian Junger narrating his trip from Pristina, Kosovo’s capital, to the Macedonian border, where there is an especially high concentration of female slaves. It is interesting to note why.

“The highway was two narrow lanes of ruined pavement. Convoys of trucks blasted past us in the oncoming lane, and U.N. tanks and armored trucks slowed traffic heading south, toward Macedonia, to a crawl. Albanian rebels had seized a large part of the mountainous border between the two countries, and the U.N. peacekeepers were building up their presence in case they had to intervene on short notice. Off in the distance we could see the diffuse yellow glow of Camp Bondsteel reflecting off the cloud cover. Bondsteel is an enormous American base built close to a nasty little industrial town called Ferizaj. As a result, Ferizaj has an inordinate number of brothels, and at a gas station outside of town, with the rain drumming down and the trucks roaring past, the pump attendant advised us to check out one called the Apaci [pronounced Apachee]. It had the best girls in town, he said, so that was where all the American officers went. We thanked him and drove around the ghastly apartment blocks and ruined factories of Ferizaj until we found a low concrete building covered in camouflage netting. It had a photograph of an Apache attack helicopter on the door. We parked by some railroad tracks and walked in.”

Obviously, NATO officials are informed of what is going on in Kosovo: their own soldiers furnish much of the demand for Kosovo’s sex slaves. If NATO officials are not now exhorting us to defend these women, and the Albanian civilians, who are much worse off now than they were before NATO dropped its bombs, it must be because they really don’t care about them. Protecting civilians was never the point of anything for NATO officials. That’s just what they told us so that we would agree to the NATO bombing (because we care about our fellow humans).

So, in Kosovo, NATO backed a criminal/terrorist enterprise that has turned Kosovo into an apocalyptic nightmare for ordinary Albanians after the KLA/Mafia slaughtered and drove out the local Serbs with NATO’s help. The same NATO governments are following an identical policy in the Middle East, where they are supporting the claims of a criminal/terrorist enterprise that says out loud it wishes to exterminate the Jews and which daily oppresses the West Bank and Gaza Arabs.

What do you think the future holds for Israel? Look to Kosovo.
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Re: Historical and Investigative Research article on Serbia
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Kosovo is a terror-state in the heart of Europe created by the EU and the USA, the USA, who always support Islamic causes in Europe for some reason. Traitors of Christianity killing Serbs and supporting the Albanians.
A time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace. - Ecclesiastes 3:8