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Legendary Musician Said Something Unbelievable About Israel, And Howard Stern RE


Confederate Kahanist:
I know some of you aren't fans of Howard though I thought he gave a witty response to a piece of crud:

Israel Chai:
What chilul Hashem to hear him talk about his friend that is "super Jewy and keeps kosher and shabbos" who is trying to be friends with the pink floyd nazi.

It's an interesting question though, what is the source of the anti-Israel stick up Roger Whatever's butt? Does he:

1. Hate Jews to be pro muslim?
2. Hate Jews as part of a vast conspiracy?
3. Hate Jews with leftist anti-semetism?
4. Hate Jews with Xtian anti-semetism?

And what caused him to go all death to Jews? He has a Jewish daughter in law (http://www.haaretz (whorearetz link) com/news/1.668705), maybe she, besides hating Torah law enough to violate it by intermarrying also hates Israel and informed him.


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