Author Topic: Janjic: Kosovo’s UNESCO Admission – Political Compensation  (Read 6735 times)

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Janjic: Kosovo’s UNESCO Admission – Political Compensation
« on: October 29, 2015, 03:38:22 AM »
BELGRADE – The countries that are backing Kosovo’s admission to UNESCO are doing so to compensate for certain political interests since Kosovo has had to recognise the court for war crimes committed by the “Kosovo Liberation Army”, as well as the Community of Serb municipalities, says Archimandrite Sava Janjic, the abbot of the Visoki Decani monastery.

It is completely unjust for Serbian holy sites and cultural heritage to become a collateral damage in all this, he said in an interview to Politika.

By a potential admission of Kosovo, UNESCO would demonstrate that it has finally become a political subsidiary of various conflicting power wielders, which could lead to the organisation losing all credibility, Archimandrite Sava said.
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