Author Topic: Kosovo: Serb returnee house set on fire  (Read 7060 times)

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Kosovo: Serb returnee house set on fire
« on: November 11, 2015, 03:56:55 AM »
PEC – Head of the Pec District Vinka Radosavljevic condemned in the strongest terms the incident, in which another Serb returnee house had been set on fire in Metohija, south-western Kosovo-Metohija.

Representatives of the international community should do everything in their power to protect Serbs living in the region of Pec, in Kosovo-Metohija, she said.

In the returnee village of Siga near Pec, the house belonging to Maksim Jasovic was set on fire, this being the second Serb returnee house set ablaze over the past month. The previous one belonged to Ljubo Ivanovic, Radio Gorazdevac reported.

“The house was burnt down. There were no injured thanks to the fact that there were no people in the house at that time, “ Radosavljevic told Tanjug, underscoring that Siga was home to a dozen of Serb returnee families.
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