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Serbia is finally arming!

We are getting as a military aid from Russia:

6 MiG-29 multirole fighters
30 T-72B3 main battle tanks
30 BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles

They are not new, but are all for free. We will only pay for general overhaul and modernisation of 6+4 MiG-s (we already have 4), and it will be a bellow market price.
They will have radars with a range of 120km, and we will buy air-to-air missiles what have a range of 80km. With them, will have one of the most capable multirole fighter aircrafts in Europe.

We had also bought 2 new Mi-17 medium multirole/transport helicopters, which have arrived couple of months ago.

We are also buying 9 new Airbus H145M light utility helicopters (6 for army, 3 for police).

Still no confirmed news on air defence systems. It seems that it will have to wait for 2018.
But there is a talk of possible 2K22 Tunguska short range, Buk M-1/M-2 medium range tactical air defence systems. And also, but not likely, FD-2000 long range strategic air-defence system. We will see.

We are also getting 4 used H145M helicopters as a donation from Germany. So Army will have 10 of them.

We will get 8 more MiG-29 jet fighters as a donation from Belarus. We will only pay for overhaul and modernization.

Israel Chai:
If Obama's troop build up in Lituania and Poland creates hostilities with Russia that go further than words and deployments, where would Serbia stand?

Serbia would not interfere. Besides, they (NATO) can not defeat us in a ground war. But they are welcome to try.


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