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Ted Cruz rips anti-Israel bias in media


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Watch: Cruz rips media over anti-Israel bias

Texas Senator blasts "useful idiots" in the American media who disseminate Hamas's talking points.
Elad Benari, 18/05/18 06:16

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Thursday blasted the media for its bias against Israel and expressed his unequivocal support for Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas’s recent attacks on Israel's border.

In remarks on the Senate floor, Cruz recalled taking part in the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem this week, saying the relocation of the Embassy “is an unmistakable message to our friends and to our enemies that the United States stands with our friends and stands unshakably alongside the nation of Israel.”

“Moving our embassy to Jerusalem is an acknowledgment of undeniable truth: That Jerusalem is in fact the capital of the nation of Israel. It is where we find the Knesset, it is where we find the Supreme Court, it is where we find the Prime Minister, it is where we find the president of Israel. It is the capital city, and now our embassy reflects that fact,” continued Cruz.

The Texas Senator also dismissed the notion that the relocation of the Embassy would diminish the chances of peace in the Middle East.

“I don’t believe the impediment to peace in the Middle East is the nation of Israel. Israel wants peace. It is Israeli babies who are being murdered by the terrorists. The barrier to peace - I don’t believe we will see peace in the Middle East unless and until the Palestinian leadership number one, acknowledges Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. And number two, renounces terrorism. As long as the Palestinian leaders are in engaged in a unity government with Hamas, an avowed terrorist organization, seeking to destroy the nation of Israel and murder innocent Israelis, peace will not be had,” said Cruz.

Cruz went on to blast Hamas over the violent marches toward the border with Israel that it has been organizing in recent weeks.

“They call the riots the ‘March of Return,’ in reference to what they call their ‘Right of Return,’ which is a euphemism for having millions of descendants of Palestinians flood into Israel and destroy the modern state of Israel. End its existence as a Jewish state. Hamas timed their weeks of riots to culminate this week during what they call ‘Nakba Day.’ Nakba means catastrophe. It is the word they use to reference the creation of Israel. Madam President, we should understand that. They denounce every year when Israel celebrates the creation of the modern state of Israel, Hamas mourns the ‘catastrophe,’ to use their word, that Israel even exists,” he said.

“But inevitably, in these battles for survival that Israel faces daily, we can count on global media elites acting as little more than propaganda arms for Hamas and other terrorists. And no week has that been more evident than this week,” continued Cruz.

“I direct you to the front page of the New York Times from this week. The New York Times’ headline, ‘Israel Kills Dozens at Gaza Border as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem’. Now anyone reading this headline [might think] - ‘Goodness gracious. Why are the Israelis murdering people?’ That’s what the New York Times says. One takes from the coverage apparently poor, innocent, unarmed people are being shot for no reason by Israel. That’s certainly what the global media elite are portraying.”

“What are the actual facts? You remember facts. The things that used to be reported when journalists were actually being journalists and not propagandists. Well let’s talk about the facts.”

“For several weeks, we’ve seen riots and violent attacks at Israel's borders. Terrorist attacks that culminated in the attacks that led to these shootings in self-defense.”

“The rioters, they use massive tire fires to create smoke to cover their attacks. They used guns, they used pipe bombs, they used Molotov cocktails, they used grenades, they used they used mechanical catapults to attack the border and to attack Israeli troops. They tie petrol bombs to kites and they launched them to set fire to Israeli fields and livestock. The kites, well let’s take a look at the kites. The kites that they use are painted with swastikas. Just so you’re not confused about their motivations. These are pictures taken a couple of weeks ago of kites, of images of swastikas by the Hamas terrorists with gasoline bombs designed to commit murder and mayhem,” said the Texas Senator.

“Palestinians in the riots - they don’t hide their motives and intentions. It’s not that the New York Times can’t figure it out, it’s that they don’t care. One 23-year-old rioter told the Washington Post ‘we are excited to storm and get inside,’ and that if he got across the border he would do ‘whatever is possible, to kill, throw stones.’ Madam President, I would note a violent terrorist attacking the border seeking to murder people is not a peaceful protester. As the useful idiots in the media, falsely portray them,” he charged.

“One of Hamas’ Facebook pages,” pointed out Cruz, “posted maps with directions to nearby Israeli communities, where thousands of Israelis live within 2 miles of the border. You look at this map, this map is posted. You need to understand - these protesters are not just there saying, ‘Make love man, not war.’ New York Times wants to paint them as some happy little hippies with daisies in their ears, ‘just give peace a chance.’”

“Well why is Hamas posting this map saying, ‘If you cross the border, here’s where the Israeli communities are to go and murder Israelis. Here’s the map. ‘If you make it across the border, here’s where you can find victims to kill as many of them as possible.’ They’re not hiding their intentions. This is not subtle. ‘If you get across the border, your target is wherever you can find Jews to kill. These are the terrorists that the New York Times celebrates, ‘kills dozens.’ Why is it that the New York Times doesn’t mention the maps that they have to Israeli homes to murder innocent women and children to kill as many Jews as possible.”

“The strategy for these riots, for these terror attacks, it’s a win-win for Hamas,” continued Cruz. If they breach Israel’s fence, then their terrorists can rush into Israeli towns, try to kidnap and kill Israeli civilians. If they fail to breach the fence, they attack the fence and Israeli soldiers defend Israel, and if they’re shot, then they know that the media - the useful idiots - will provide endless photographs and stories denouncing Israel.”

“Reporters, celebrity talking heads, and members of our political establishment have faithfully – and enthusiastically – parroted the Hamas line. They say that he riots are the fault of the United States for moving our embassy and that the rioters are ‘peaceful’ and ‘unarmed’ protesters,” he said.

“There’s a word for that. It’s called a lie. And when so-called journalists repeatedly and deliberately lie in the name of propaganda, well they shouldn't be surprised to have earned the moniker ‘fake news,’” continued Cruz.

“The Hamas talking points, which are being printed by our media, are aimed at whitewashing the terrorists’ genocidal hatred of Israel. In fact, these attacks are waged because Hamas refuses to accept the existence of Israel. Mind you, Gaza they control. Israel doesn’t govern Gaza. Hamas governs Gaza. This is an attack on the border of Israel seeking to murder innocent civilians,” he declared.

He noted that some of the civilians killed in the violent riots were used by Hamas as human shields, adding that “this is by design. Part of what Hamas does is it uses terrorists to commit acts of terror, and it uses innocent Palestinians as human shields trying to get them killed, because that serves their propaganda purposes. Although I will say, consistently during these riots, it’s turned out that a great many of the deaths are of the actual Hamas terrorists picked off while planting bombs and attacking Israeli soldiers.”

“During past riots, Hamas has acknowledged that up to 80% of those killed were terrorists. This time around, already, between one-third and one-half of those killed have been identified as terrorists. Look, this is Hamas telling you this. The people being shot are avowed terrorists. There’s no dispute that Hamas is a terrorist organization. There’s no dispute - this is their wall of martyrs. ‘These are the terrorists that we have sent, who were killed.’”

“The blame for all the deaths – whether terrorists or human shields – is on Hamas and Hamas alone. Any implication otherwise is nothing less than shameful support for genocidal terrorism,” declared Cruz.

“As long as Hamas has leaders who manipulate them, who lie to the Palestinian people, who manipulate them, lie to the world, and use human shields in their bloody terrorist campaign against Israel, there can never hope for peace or prosperity. Israel has the right to defend itself. And Israel is defending itself.”

“I only wish that our global media had some tiny passing qualm of guilt to at least pretend to report the news, to at least pretend to tell the truth, to not function as Hamas’ propaganda agents -- but instead to tell the truth. Tell the truth when Hamas terrorists say with their Nazi swastika kite bombs, ‘we want the Israelis to know that we want them to burn,’ these are the facts they need to report. Even if it happens to disagree with their political agenda of undermining the state of Israel.”

Finally, Cruz pointed out that despite the anti-Israel bias in the American media, “the American people -- stand and will continue to stand unshakably alongside our friends and allies, the people of Israel.”

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