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What to do against the left-wing ideology?

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As is known, Rabin (the Oslo Accords), Barak (intifada), and Sharon (the disengagement from Gush Katif) destroyed the State of Israel.

The above three prime ministers abused their offices and we Israelis continue to suffer the consequences of their actions in this >:( >:( >:(

Israel Chai:
What Rav Kahane ZTL tried to do. For now we can support Moshe Feiglin, next time, it makes virtually no difference in this regard if he's in the knesset or not, we run one of our own.

Little things to do in the meantime, in Israel, buy from farmers directly, not from the leftist traitors that run the supermarkets. Don't visit thier news websites, and if you must, use adblock original with ghostery so they get less add dollars.

The state of Israel is not destroyed. It is always in Hashem's sukkah. I think it's possible that He makes this happen so we see the problem is not the Arabs around, it's us. It's not how hard the world is, we are tasked to change it, it's how hard we are being to Him.

In America, it's another story, in Israel, buy from Jews and not Arabs, and don't go along with friends that do. Actually study right wing ideology, don't just be a bot that repeats memes he can't convince the informed with. Also support JTF, we'll find a good candidate and fight.

listen to this:


Ben Yehuda:
The left has done a superb job at controlling the media and education systems. The right needs to do the same.


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