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I had had enough


Hrvatski Noahid:

No. It’s not a mistaken repetition. You can actually say “I had had enough.” Let me tell you the story so you know what I’m talking about.

I’m an antiestablishmentarian; I’m antipathetic to government because of what I know it to do: it robs and forces compliance with no basis to do so. So I watch videos and subscribe to social media accounts that disseminate such messages. Unfortunately, as with other subjects I’m into, too many of the people who hold my view are also hostile to Israel, believing all sorts of anti-Israel propaganda. I ignore it, or at least stay subscribed, for the most, to get the anti-government content I enjoy consuming.

On Facebook, someone shared an instance where, supposedly, an Italian guy calls his phone company to complain about a “Welcome to Palestine” message he received on his phone from them as he entered Israel. Because he respected Israel as a nation, he found this message reprehensible and disrespectful, so, as I said, it appears he complained and then quit their service.

I thought to myself, now that’s what I call being consistent and standing up for a principle.

I don’t think I realised how deeply it affected me.

For example, later, when I heard that Netflix was withdrawing support from an American state because the tyrants of that state were trying to establish laws against abortion, me focusing on Netflix’s immoral, pro-child-murder stance and me having at least the option to stop using Netflix, I chose not to use Netflix again.

As an aside, I should already know that Netflix promotes other immorality in its programming, but it was that instance that caused me to rethink my position. I’m not saying I’m perfectly consistent, but I do what I can.

Anyway, there’s been a social media content creator I had been subscribed to, his channel normally being called “HighImpactFlix,” his name being “Brian.” He produced a lot of thought-provoking content, and he claimed to be for truth and the non-aggression principle, that people should not initiate aggression against one another. But he kept on making statements that Israel really ruled America, and painting those called “Zionist” as evil. He claimed not to hate Jews, but he was against their only land of safety, the homeland they are indigenous to. It’s a bit like a stranger to a farm surrounded by foxes and wolves saying that he values the lives of the chickens but was opposed to the secure chicken coop they were kept in, or against the only fence between the predators and the prey.

Oh what a real love, right?

Anyway, most recently, he wrote this post.

In case you can’t see the image, or you’re listening to this via text-to-speech software, it says:

HAPPY Israel-Attacked-America DAY! Remember the 34 who died on the U.S.S. Liberty at the hands of ruthless Israeli enemies. The combined air/sea attack killed 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two marines, and one civilian), wounded 171, & severely damaged the ship.

I just want you to consider the considered and premeditated evil he’s accusing Israel of. Think of the sort of people that would have to be involved in purposefully slaughtering people. His claim is that something called “Israel” did this.

Let’s imagine that “Brian” is well-meaning, that he’s just being sloppy in his language in being vague about who exactly who “Israel” and “America” is. Do you think those who follow him are going to be selective and precise in their reading? Or is the clear message gonna be “evil Jews murdered Americans,” thus fueling more Jew-hatred? He has not tried to be clear in his language nor denounced his followers who hate Jews. If he’s well-meaning, then he is stupid or stubbornly naive to have been giving similar messages for years.

That’s if I give him the benefit of the doubt.


But “benefit of the doubt,” is that always deserving?

Anyway, after hearing so many of these messages that produce furtile ground for Jew hatred, I had had enough. This message was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This guy was not my friend. I see/saw no sufficient reason to stay connected to such poison. So I just cut off from him completely. I unsubscribed myself from every instance of him; youtube, gab, bitchute and twitter. I had learnt enough about the self-delusion amongst the enemies of the Jews. No more! No more of this tripe!

But such sentiments are quite widespread across the internet. It’s amazing how much anti-Jew rhetoric there is.

Where does the desire to be principled end? I don’t want to be “overly righteous” and cut off from everyone with positions I find detestable? I have to live around homosexuals, people who think it is justified to know the truth yet lie to the innocent, people who support child murder, those who think theft is justified if the victim gets something, those who willingly support bullies and those who command slaughter. What about the imbecilic arguments of atheists, evolutionists and christians, three religious worldviews I take issue with. There’s all sorts of evil in the world. Would I cut myself off from all of these? Should I? Is there a limit?

I wish I had a hard and fast rule or principle, but I don’t think I do right now. I can only ask my God for wisdom and do the best I can.


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