Author Topic: Ahmadinejad makes fresh threat to exterminate Israel and all of its allies  (Read 1401 times)

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Iran warns of revenge over Israel

Iran's president has warned that Muslims around the world will take revenge on states who supported Israel against the Palestinians.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again questioned the extent of the Holocaust, when German Nazis murdered six million Jews.

Israel was founded on "claims about the Holocaust" for which the Palestinians were paying the price, he told a rally.

He was speaking on Jerusalem Day, when there are large demonstrations in Iran in support of the Palestinians.

BBC Tehran correspondent Frances Harrison says the tone of the speech was hardline, even by Mr Ahmadinejad's standards.


This madman needs to be stopped.  The U.S. and Britain should go to war against Iran immediately.

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The little greaseball is HALF right:

There will be revenge, only it is going to be directed AGAINST HIM.

[on the positive side:  The next time you hear "academic scholars" state that Haggadah is merely a "myth" with no historical validity, etc..., just look at Imanigrajihad and listen to the pronouncements of Haman incarnate!)