Author Topic: Black Person Not Charged With Murder For Killing White Person  (Read 253 times)

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The black happens to be named White but he murdered a white person. He claims to have used self-defense. Apparently, using the N word is a life threatening situation for affirmative action people.

If whitey use da N word, it not be murder if whitey be killed. UMM HMM!

The DA is a self-hating white liberal.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A man accused in a deadly stabbing on Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square is no longer facing murder charges. The judge agreed with a request by the District Attorney to reduce the charges against the suspect.

The victim’s family is outraged with the charge being downgraded to manslaughter, while the suspect’s supporters say they’re relieved.

Michael White, the man accused of fatally stabbing Center City real estate developer Sean Schellenger last July, will now be tried for voluntary manslaughter instead of third-degree murder.

On Monday morning, Judge Glenn B. Bronson accepted a motion field by Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner to downgrade the charges.

Witnesses say White, who is out on bail, was a courier riding his bike on Chancellor Street on July 12, 2018, when he encountered Schellenger in a Mercedes Benz. The two had a confrontation over a traffic dispute.

White is claiming self-defense, saying Schellenger used a racial epithet and charged at him.

Elder Melanie DeBouse is a board member of a group called POWER, and is one of many religious leaders supporting White ahead of his trial.

“The charges have probably not been reduced low enough, but in the interest of fairness, this process has to be adjudicated. So I’m glad to have this first step to have a reduction of charges,” DeBouse said.

The higher charge of third-degree murder was dropped under the condition that there would be two additional charges — tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice.

According to the DA’s motion, White hid the knife on a house roof and tried to destroy or conceal evidence on a phone. Each charge carries a two-year sentence.

Schellenger’s father was seen walking outside of the Criminal Justice Center. His mother was visibly upset in court.

On Friday, she spoke with Eyewitness News over the phone about the DA’s motion.

“I said ‘manslaughter is already there, why wouldn’t we allow the jury to decide whether it’s third-degree murder or manslaughter.’ He said ‘it’s my decision,’” Linda Schellenger, the victim’s mother, said.

White’s trial is scheduled to start Thursday at 9 a.m.

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Re: Black Person Not Charged With Murder For Killing White Person
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Insane! Stabbing multiple times takes serious intention and the black guy could have made the whole thing up no witnesses. Should have been second degree murder.

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Re: Black Person Not Charged With Murder For Killing White Person
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This person will most likely be given a medal.

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Re: Black Person Not Charged With Murder For Killing White Person
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So saying something someone doesn't like makes it not murder. Interesting precedent next time someone says dirty Jew. I could have murdered like thirty black people in front of 770. I mean man slaughtered.
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