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UN is planning on restoring the house of Albanian Nazi



--- Quote ---As Kosovo’s institutions showed their pride over Deva, UNDP said in a statement earlier this week that it was one of the “most remarkable heritage sites, the House of Xhafer Deva.”

“Tolerance, peace, and respect for all human beings are at the heart of shared values of the European Union, UNDP, and Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports (MCYS),” the partners on the joint project “Cultural Heritage as a Driver for Intercommunity Dialogue and Social Cohesion” stated tonight.

According to them, the project, which aims at renovating the house in question, is a joint effort under the scope of the European Union (EU) instrument “contributing to stability and peace.” It will be implemented by the UNDP, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports (MCYS) with whom the UNDP signed a cost-sharing agreement to renovate this object.

“Preservation and rehabilitation of cultural and religious heritage is driven by the need to ensure its existence for posterity, focusing on architectural values of such sites.”
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