Author Topic: ASK JTF 07/26/22 - Chaim Ben Pesach answers questions from JTFers  (Read 5680 times)

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1. Video version on Rumble (the program is 48 minutes this week):

2. Video version on Odysee:

3. For those who would like to download the file for their MP3 players or iPods:

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Re: ASK JTF 07/26/22 - Chaim Ben Pesach answers questions from JTFers
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2022, 11:06:33 PM »
Croatia received rockets until we reconquered Krajina. No Gentile nation would tolerate threats to its territorial integrity like Israel does.

Certainly, the Noahide obligation to save a person's life includes saving our Jewish brothers.

I'm not sure if Jews may teach Torah to righteous Gentiles in Hebrew or Aramaic. The Divine Code by Rabbi Weiner is mainly speaking about a sincere and pious Gentile who wants to learn Torah on his own in translated books.
Gentiles are obligated to fulfill the Seven Noahide Commandments because they are the eternal command of God, transmitted through Moses our teacher in the Torah. The main and best book on details of Noahide observance is "The Divine Code" by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.