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ASK JTF #51 - Here is the thread where you can ask questions for our next video

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We have removed the 300 character limit on forum posts. We will instead impose a limit of two short questions for every person on Ask JTF. If someone asks more than two short questions, we will not be able to answer.

For the sake of the proper order of the show and so that all of our viewers could understand, please ask your questions in English.

(this is the second rule, I'll just translate it to Hebrew):

לישראלים: למען הסדר הטוב של התכנית, ועל מנת שכל הצופים יבינו, אנא כתבו את השאלות שלכם באנגלית

Hrvatski Noahid:
1. Gentiles are obligated to give charity, and whether as an individual or a community, they are obligated to be concerned about help for the poor and needy, to help them appropriately in any way possible.

Is taxing low incomes despotic?

2. Please publicize my deepest thanks to Rabbi Dr. Michael Schulman, my teacher and editor of the 4th Edition of "The Divine Code" for sending me a free copy of the book. "The Divine Code" by Rabbi Moshe Weiner is the main and best book on details of Noahide observance. It is available at the Ask Noah website. 

Hi Chaim

Comment on the following:

Yoni Netanyahu
Avraham Sheinman
Yehuda Glik
Mark Cuben
Tommy Robinson
Marine Le Pen
Meir Weinstein
Irv Rubin


Binyamin Yisrael:
1. Did McCain pick Sarah Palin as his running mate solely because she's a woman?

2. Discuss the following Soviet leaders. They are listed in chronological order.

Georgy Maximilianovich Malenkov (You just mentioned he was Stalin's successor for a short time. Can you give more details about any evil things he did?)

Nikita Khrushchev

Leonid Brezhnev

Yuri Andropov

Konstantin Chernenko

Mikhail Gorbachev

 שלום חיים הצדיק מה שלומך? האם שעמת על האיחוד בין רע''ם לבין אלי אבידר הרשע זה מראה מי הבן אדם באמת שהוא תומך טרור מה דעתך גם שיהונתן פולארד סירב להצטרף לעוצמה יהודית שהקדוש ברוך יברך אותך באהבת ישראל רם מאיר אברהם


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