Author Topic: Israel Protests UN Vote To Call Jericho Fakestinian "Heritage Site"  (Read 1187 times)

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It would be better if Israel retakes it and re-establishes Jericho National Park. Shomron National Park is another site where the fakies try to erase history. Shechem is another city that has to be de-Nazified and brought under full Israeli control. All of Judea and Samaria is important but three sites are significant and off limits to Jews. Places like Ramallah are important just like the roads and empty hills are important. Ramallah and other places like it can be demolished because it's the land and not the Nazi structures. But holy sites like Joseph's Tomb in Shechem and important archeological sites need to be protected from fakestinazian desecration.

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Re: Israel Protests UN Vote To Call Jericho Fakestinian "Heritage Site"
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  The Holy Land is not wrong about
  this and if only they would have
  “genuine leadership” and operate
  according to the interests of their
  fortification and sovereignty on all