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Gaza Forsaken and GOD's Deliverance of Israel

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The deliverer who will do the 7 year Peace Treaty will be a deceiver, a snake, though of the tribe of Dan, accepted by all Israel as though he were of the tribe of Judah.  His relation here, is that he will avenge Israel in regard to GAZA, the land of the Philistines.


 Genesis 48:16 “Dan will gain Justice for his people.” He will avenge the vengeance of his people from the Philistines. …

 “As One, the Tribes of Israel.” [cf. Mesiach Ilmin, Sefer Zikaron for this translation reading].

All Israel will be as One with him, and he will vindicate them all. …It is also possible to explain “like the unique one among the tribes” (to be) he is David, who came from Judah.

[Icf. how that Rashi explains that Israel will see him as Messiah, son of David]

Genesis 49:17 “A Serpent” This is a snake. I say so because it hisses like “And you will hiss at His heel.” [cf. Genesis 3:15]

 “That bites a horse’s heels” Such is the way of a snake… Targum Onkelos…’like churman snakes’, the name of a type of snake For whose bite there is no cure, and it is a Viper. And it is called Churman because it lays waste to everything, ‘like an old snake’, ‘he will lie in ambush.’

Hrvatski Noahid:
Snakes are Jesus and Mohamed who changed the Torah of Moses.   

  If you want to look how the Instruction of Moses has been altered, you need look no further than the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud.  In fact, the sheer number of violations of Torah committed by conflicting rabbinic statements, some so full of themselves they immediately violate the first commandments G-D gave to Moses, it is really something how the hypocrisy of these are tolerated at all. 

In His day, both the Sanhedrin Katan and the Sanhedrin Gadol were of the mind that Yeshua was indeed a Master Rabbi and Master Teacher.  He was very near to kingship, and most likely 1st in line were the genealogy of David re-installed. If you look at the corruption of and in the Sanhedrin in the writings of Josephus and other historical sources, they actually incorporated Mithras or the snakes in their activities involving the Sicarii and acts of terrorism among their own people, even murdering on Holy Ground in the Temple and shielding murder as well as promoting it.  The causeless hatred that these committed from the late 20s to 70 A.D., along with those that preceded the Babylonian destruction of circa 587/586 B.C. has never been repented over.  Nor has the Bar Kochba false messiah issue of 132 to 135 A.D., nor the Masada Sicarri of circa 74 A.D. been repented over.  Really?  Such proven snakes or deceivers who caused Israel great harm in immediate sheer numbers in deaths by acts or proximity and bearing bad fruit, and you will rather defend them over one whom was never refuted in any eyewitness or immediate 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation Rabbinic writings or history in his rising from the dead and ascension into Heaven before many witnesses, or that the early followers of Yeshua in Israel did anything contrary to Mosaic law or conduct at the Temple etc.? 
So tell me about nehush-tan and its relation to Moses and Hezekiah, since you have this illiteracy on what is or isn't  a snake in regard to Moses and Torah.  Give it your best shot, if you are able.  Thanks.

Hrvatski Noahid:
I reported you for attacking the Jewish Talmud and promoting Jesus.

That is because you cannot defend your own bias truthfully and intelligently.
 You are, in effect, stating that YOU are incapable of a triple digit I.Q. debate on either the Talmud or Yeshua subjects
 and incapable of quoting and discussing the specifics and ramifications of either?
  Got it.
 Reporting me? NOT a problem. 
“toeba” - toeh ata ba, “you are erring in this way”: Nedarim 51a


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