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Title: The Infidel diaries - living in Dar-al Islam, Sydney.
Post by: darrinh on December 09, 2007, 05:40:17 PM
Despite the constant media reporting about poor innocent Muslims being harrassed on the streets, life for a non-Muslim living in the Islamic Republic of Western Sydney can be at times pretty miserable. It seems that Muslims are already adept at treating non-Muslims as dhimmi's, second class citizens, as attested to in the following diary excerpts of an elderly women faced with Muslim arrogance and hatred every day.

The concept of dhimmitude is similar to the ghettoisation of Jews during the period of the Third Reich. In fact the Nazi's took on many of the ideas of Islam including the wearing of a badge to denote the inferior position of the wearer. The point of dhimmitude ( and the ghettoisation) is to force a particular group into such poor conditions and deprivation that its become self-evident for propaganda purposes that they are inferior.

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