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Torah and Jewish Idea / Re: Are Christians Going to Hell? –Rabbi Tovia Singer
« Last post by Nachus on February 19, 2024, 11:55:54 PM »
 :usa+israel:                                                                                                                       :fist:

  I really believe that if people change their
  ways, (idolatry,supporting evil, etc.) assuming
  their ways are not satisfactory yet the individual
  decides to be truly righteous, support Israel
  and the Jewish people and live a holy life by serving
  HaShem then I personally believe that they will
  hopefully have a place in the ‘world to come.’
  Well done commentary.
General Discussion / On the benefit of fascism
« Last post by Hrvatski Noahid on February 19, 2024, 03:26:55 AM »

February 13, 2024 – Croatia Full of Safety, one of the country’s best selling points, once again affirmed.

It always amazes me with such a flexible official tourism slogan that they are never used to what I feel are two of Croatia’s biggest selling points – safety and lifestyle. Google Croatia Full of Safety or Croatia Full of Lifestyle, and what do you find?

Citing Numbeo as its source, the World of Statistics X feed, Croatia is top of the European charts, this time for safety walking alone at night in Europe. Which in today’s uncertain world is quite a thing to be able to offer.

Every time I write about how safe it is, I am always confronted with a ton of comments on how I clearly have never been to Dubrava, the most dangerous part of Zagreb, allegedly.

I have, in fact, been to Dubrava many times. I also lived in eastern Somalia (where the pirates roam) and couldn’t go anywhere without an armed guard. And Rwanda immediately after the genocide, where I had a gun to my head on several occasions. But ever more scary, I spent three years as a student in Manchester in the 1990s, living in Longsight, Levenshulme and on the edge of Moss Side.

Croatia is an extremely safe place, just how much is probably best appreciated by those coming from abroad, and locals who have travelled to other European cities. It is also one of the biggest factors in the steadily increasing traffic of diaspora returning to Croatia with their families, citing safety and the Croatian lifestyle as two of the most important factors.
In as much as it would be nice to see these Nazi protesters get beaten to a pulp or embarrassed and humiliated, the truth is making Aliyah and becoming more religious and relying on God with things we are able and not able to do is the answer.

The JDL was instrumental in humiliating anti semites in the United States. Now these Nazis are brazen and law enforcement is ineffective which could mean a counter force can get away with a lot too.

I’m personally not suggesting anyone to behave against the law…just mentioning what I have observed since 2020
I agree with you 100%!!!
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