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General Discussion / Who to vote for?
« Last post by Tag-MehirTzedek on Today at 12:19:31 PM »
Who to vote for in NY today?

The same kikes would never say that about a fag flag.

If all the Leftists were like him, there would be no abortion. There would also be a smaller Left Wing population since kids learn from their parents. Since homosexuals can't have kids, that would mean less Left Wing people and only the kids of Right Wing people that want astray would be Leftists.

He is probably suffering from syphilitic derangement and forgot that he is not part of the US political system.
The US Supreme Court made a righteous decision but now Minister Homowitz did the opposite in Israel. If the US overturns the fag marriage decision and then a Republican President is Pro-Israel, the US will be blessed. G-d curses Gentile countries that tolerate faggotry and abortion and blesses Gentile countries that bless Israel.

If that's the case that Biden didn't win legit, how come not one court in the U.S. didn't want to hear the case? The reason, even the mostly republican courts wanted Trump out of office because Trump was an embarassment as president because he insulted everyone on both sides of the political elite. 
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