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Title: Muslims are evil
Post by: Sergei on November 20, 2007, 11:32:47 PM
I am from Russia. I have served with an MVD spesial unit for the last few years and have complete two tours fighting islamistist terrorist in Chechnya. I know what you Israelis go through as far as fighting islamic nuts. Im not jewish, but i have much respect for you, i have several jewish friends from my army service and who serve with me in my current unit and i have dated jews. I was lucky enough growing up in post-soviet russia to have to oppertunity to visit western countires including israel and have a western education. many russian are anti-semetics, but not me. russia needs education, many ignorant people live here. Our leaders keeps giving to iran and syria when he should be strengthening ties with Israel. I have seen what muslims do, but our president cant seem to see. Me, my family and other decent russians are with you!