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Title: History help please
Post by: firster555 on March 15, 2008, 10:17:39 PM
I am working on a project, long story, but I can use some help with some historic dates, not just the year and month but the exact date. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

murder of Abu Afak
murder of Ka-b bin al-Ashraf(Sept. 624ad)
slaughter of Banu qurayzah tribe(Feb.-April 627ad)
the battle of Nihauand
Massacre of Christians in Syria(634ad)
Slaughter at Antioch by Baybars
Slaughter at Debal, India
Massacre at Brahminabad, India
Slaughter of 10,000 at Shah Jahan, Hugh, Calcutta
Slaughter at the town of Taif(1924)

The aggreessors in all of this was islam.
Remember, I have the info on the events, I have the year, and in most cases even have the month, what I need help with if possible is finding the exact date of these events. Any help will be immensely appreciated.