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Title: UK political parties united to replace white males with Paki Muslims
Post by: Fruit of thy loins on January 17, 2007, 08:47:33 AM
I caught some glimpse of what this all means when I looked at an old National Geographic today.

It was an advert for a Nokia N Series. It was a montage of all the pictures made by this guy - he was a brown, black-haired, thick-lipped Asian. Among other things were there nightclub pics, pics of him at his computer with a suit on, and lots of pics of white women - including two of him with his arms wrapped around a blonde.

The advert emphasized the 'newness' - subliminally connecting the mind to the fact that this Asian is the 'new' man on town, because in all the pics there were no white men but plenty of white women.

The Asians are the new population of Britain - they have come to replace white males.

They get the cushiest and best-paying jobs.

They get all the attention from the girls in the nightclub.

They are championed on the adverts.

And white men are totally excluded.

No wonder all the Pakis I see have smug smiles on their faces, and white girlfriends.

Meanwhile I have absolutely nothing.