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Title: God of Islam is 'biggest terrorist'
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NEW YORK - The son of a Hamas leader who helped Israel's security forces kill and arrest members of the Islamic terrorist group says he's not afraid to die.


Mosab Hassan Yousef tells The Associated Press he's willing to speak out about Hamas' brutalities and the evils of Islam even if it gets him killed.

Yousef's memoir-- Son of Hamas -- was published this week. In it, he describes his more than ten-year relationship with Israeli security service Shin Bet.


Mosab Hassan Yousef (compliments of Assoc. Press)Yousef says the Israeli security service has an important job. "They are facing a dirty, difficult war," he remarks. "I don't agree with everything that they do and I'm against it. I was very honest when I was inside the organization and they know my position, and today they are not surprised with me [or] what I'm saying in public."


During the AP interview, Yousef -- a convert to Christianity -- hurled his most inflammatory comments at Islam. Acknowledging that the comment would likely offend many people -- but that his goal is not to offend -- he said: "The biggest terrorist is Allah of the Quran, the god of the Quran, the god of Islam."


Since leaving Islam, Yousef has come to believe that the more closely Muslims follow Allah and Muhammad, the more they become "inhuman" terrorists. The fight against terrorism, he says, is actually a war between two gods. "The god of the Quran from one side, and the God of the Bible from the other side," he explains. "People are doing the will of their gods. It's the evil in the Islamic system that forces them to become inhuman."

Yousef's father, senior Hamas leader Sheik Hassan Yousef, publicly disowned his son on Monday. But the younger Yousef says he now worships a God who will never disown him. "A god who teaches you how to hate and he says about himself that 'I am the deceit [sic]' is different than a God who tells you 'I love you -- no matter what you do, you're my son."


And becoming a Christian, he adds, wasn't a matter of leaving Islam for another religions. "I am not a religious person today. I am a Jesus Christ follower," he shares. "It's a matter of a relationship."
Title: Re: G-d of Islam is 'biggest terrorist'
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The "God" of Islam is not the God of Christianity or Judaism.