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Title: Islam and the Baha'i Faith: An Introduction
Post by: RonPrice on March 25, 2015, 02:59:52 AM
The Baha'i Faith proclaims an underlying oneness that binds all major world religions. All are connected through the unity of their originating source, and the similarities in their core teachings. The different relationships between the Baha'i Faith and many of these religions are explored at various web sites. The relationship between Islam and the Baha'i Faith has its own particulars. It is affected by the proximity between the two Faiths in both time and geography. The following site was established with the hope of promoting a better understanding of the relationship between the Baha'i Faith and Islam.

Since the inception of the Baha'i Faith in the mid eighteen hundreds, it has been regarded by many, in the region where it started, with mistrust and suspicion. Numerous accusations have been made concerning its origins and its goals and aims. At the very least, it has been belittled as a misguided and insignificant sect of Islam. The pages on this site present a humble attempt at addressing these issues. Go to this link, FYI, at: http://www.bci.org/islam-bahai/