Author Topic: Shocking news: 80% of Islamic Literature in Russian Offers Wahabi Ideas  (Read 1289 times)

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Eighty percent of Muslim literature published in Russia reflects ideas and principles of wahhabism, islamologist Roman Silantyev said.

“It contains appeals not to observe laws of non-Muslim states (and Russia is a non-Muslim state), to liquidate peoples with other religious convictions,” Silantyev told journalists at the Chelyabinsk Interfax press center.

According to him, the same can be referred to informational sources as “many of them are financed by wahabis and promote ideas of radical Islam.’

Silantyev believes the key problem is that certain Islamic leaders are identified with all Russian Muslims.

“We often see that a Muslim leader speaks out with radical statements or threats and serve them up as an opinion of the significant part of Muslims. While the reputation of the leader is often questioned,” the islamologist said.

He reminded, “according to the information of Russian general prosecutor’s office, people’s court twice condemned co-chairman of Russia’s Mufti Council Nafigullah Ashirov for robbery and disorderly conduct.”
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