Author Topic: Kahanism on the rise in Israeli High Schools  (Read 3853 times)

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Re: Kahanism on the rise in Israeli High Schools
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Do you realize that Rabbi Kahane drummed up his party's popularity by going around the country from town to town setting up microphones and standing in the town square and shouting Arabs out!  Arabs out!      His rallies were fiery and provocative, not "civilized and high class."  Here in this movement, we try to utilize the great methods of our greatest teacher rabbi Meir Kahane, Zecher Tzadik Levracha.  

As can be seen in this video, "Kahane vs. the Kibbutzim".

The clip is less than 9 minutes long, yet out of the hours and hours of Rabbi Kahane videos I have downloaded from the net it is my very most favorite [I wish I had more of when he spoke so passionately as this].  In addition to the material, I also like the way it is edited together lo-fi style.  It is incredibly sad how it opens up, but it is also very emotionally touching to see what a gigantic funeral turnout Rabbi Kahane had, and it does not focus on his death for long [HY"D ZT"L].

"Death to the Arabs" can be heard.

"Death to the Kibbutzim" can be heard.

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Re: Kahanism on the rise in Israeli High Schools
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The video clip is very good... I find it sad however that like many of the videos where the Rav is speaking the picture and sound quality is always so poor... Even in staged settings and debates I find this to be a problem... The video equipment back then was a wonder of it's day but looking back at it now it was actually no better then plain old film... I know that some of the old video can be cleaned up to some extent I just wonder how well and if the time it took would justify the level of improvement.
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