Author Topic: When Brothas Attack Sistahs  (Read 1040 times)

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When Brothas Attack Sistahs
« on: September 14, 2013, 05:58:35 PM »
Preteen Girls Turn Tables On Robbers In Tennessee

I am very glad the girls are okay. However, will they learn anything from their ordeal? They were very, very close to being shot, raped, or worse (like eaten) by the thugs/pimps that decided that they had the right to help themselves to their property. Will they blindly support their fellow negroes through thick and through thin for the rest of their lives or will they take the hint that their greatest enemy on this planet (after Arab Muslims) is their very own?

When blacks prey on each other without second thought, they certainly won't show any mercy to whitey (and they aren't). This country is rapidly becoming another South Africa.


Breasia and Azariah Morrow and the robbers Zackeree Howard and Carlos Jones