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How tax exempt money fuels BDS
« on: February 19, 2014, 06:38:07 AM »

Who Finances BDSM Against Israel?

Posted by: Brian of London in Brian of London February 19, 2014   0 79 Views
Knesset committee session lead by MK Robert Elyatov on the sources financing the campaign against Israel with Edwin Black

Photo Credit: DS on Facebook

Today in the Knesset there is a committee meeting session looking into the financing of the anti-Israel movements. Who pays for the kind of lies and propaganda that lead naive people (for example those in Australia who sell the Cinematic Strings software) to think that boycotting Israelis will somehow help Palestinians and lead to a better world.

The author, Edwin Black, has a book “Financing the Flames” discussing how tax exempt and public money fuel a culture of confrontation and terror in Israel. He’s appearing in front of the Knesset session today.

Update: Yisrael Medad was there and has a write up of the event.

He appeared on Israeli TV (speaking in English) a few days ago: the introduction is in Hebrew but the main interview is all in English.
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