Author Topic: Houthis (Arianize) Arabianize Jewish property in Yemen and force Jews to flee  (Read 1832 times)

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This sounds exactly like the what has happened in Nazi Germany after the Nazi animals took power.

Houthi expels the last Jews of Yemen.
July 23, 2020 SPArabia

With the departure of the Yemeni Jewish “Saeed Al-Na’ti” family from the lands of Yemen a week ago, the armed Houthi group, with its usual exclusion, has folded the last remaining chapters of diversity and pluralism that Yemeni society has known.

The Al-Na’ati family left Yemen to reach an Arab capital, in compliance with the instructions of the Houthi militia, which chose the head of the family between staying in prison or leaving his hometown in Amran governorate (north of Sanaa).
With this departure, the presence of the Jewish community is nearing completion of this region, which has historically represented one of the most important centers of their presence in Yemen.

The Saeed Al-Naati family had incurred a journey of trouble since the beginning of this year where he was harassed, abused and pursued, before he was imprisoned for more than a month and then asked to leave the Houthi militia-controlled areas, or to remain in prison according to the narration of individuals in the Jewish community whose number does not exceed now 33 persons of both sexes, only five of whom live in the Kharf area of ​​Amran governorate and the Arhab district of Sana'a governorate.

Militants of the group intentionally harassed the residents of the new market area in Amran governorate, which was predominantly Jewish before the Houthis, to force them to emigrate and buy their homes and property at low prices so that they would not have a presence in their areas.

Last May, the Houthi militia arrested a Jew named Youssef and also imprisoned Sa`id al-Na`ti. After a month and a half of prison and his family pleaded with tribal elders, al-Na`ti was released after he signed an obligation to sell his house and leave the country.

During the current month, the group allowed him to sell some of his belongings and household items, and his deception with his mother and three daughters left for the city of Aden before they reached one of the Arab capitals in search of a new homeland.
Members of the sect said, Al-Na’ati forced him and his family into fear to leave while they were crying and did not want to leave their country.
One of them said: “There is nothing left in Imran except for an old woman who takes care of her brother who lost his mind, while there are three others in the district of Arhab.

The sources talked about how the family told the Houthis that they might be prevented from passing through the points scattered along the road leading to the temporary capital of Aden, but they answered them, saying: “Travel and nothing concerns you.

Sources from the Jewish community stated that Al-Na’ati left Sana'a, along with his three daughters and a disabled mother, and reached the city of Aden, but he informed that the Yemeni flights are not traveling from inside to outside as he is in charge of returning thousands of stranded people since the beginning of the Corona virus in a number of countries.

The family was forced to stay for several days in the city until the airline was able to obtain permission to transport them on one of its flights, as it had no choice but to go to Israel because the rest of the countries did not allow Yemeni passport holders to enter it without a prior visa.

Until before the Houthis invaded Amran Governorate, the "New Market" area was like a closed neighborhood, the majority of which was Jewish, who worked in iron and carpentry workshops and car repair, and some immigrated to the outside, but kept their family, where they built large houses there and coexisted with the majority of the Muslim population and rarely Religious problems were recorded.

However, with the emergence of the sectarian organization of the Houthis in the governorate of Saada in mid-2004, systematic targeting of Jews began, and Yemen knew the first wave of forced internal displacement of the followers of this religion, according to one of its members.

He added: “When the Houthis stormed the Al Salem area and sent a written warning to the Jews to leave the province, the attacks and targeting continued, and after the number of these people was more than five thousand, today it is slightly more than 30 people, most of whom reside in a city owned by the Ministry of Defense near the American embassy in Sana'a.

With the beginning of the shooting by the Houthis in the area of ​​Ghurair Al Salem, on the car of the son of Rabbi Yusuf Maraibi, these families would be transported to Sana'a and provided housing and food supplies for them.

With these events, the Jews began in the city of Saada and in the family of Abu Jabara, and salted to emigrate outside the country and most of them went to Israel.

After the Houthi militia took control of the Yemeni capital, the Jews feared for their lives, especially that they were subjected to abuse by the group in Saada and Amran, and this is why they started traveling abroad in batches, the most famous of which was the migration of one of the raw materials from Amran governorate.

The incident sparked a great controversy, which was followed by the arrest of the Houthi group rabbi and a relative of the Jewish community, where it released the rabbi after three months of intelligence prisons while keeping the young Libyan Salem in prison.

Although a year and a half ago, the Court of First Instance issued a Libyan acquittal with two Muslims who had been accused with him of facilitating the smuggling of the Torah version, but until now and six years have passed he is still in prison.

Libyan recently suffered a stroke that caused him paralysis and his health deteriorated, yet the Houthi-run prosecution rejects all guarantees that have been offered to him to release him, like his colleagues, until the date of his trial before the Court of Appeal.

I have used google translator, It has really advanced.
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